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Will alts be able to use a player's freehold?

If I go all-in and get myself a freehold, will my alts be able to make use of it the same way as my main character, presumably the one through which I obtained the freehold? I was a rare WoW player who really liked Warlords of Draenor, or could have really had a ball in that expansion with its base-building mechanic, had I really known what I was doing. Even two expansions later, I was making garrisons on the not-time-travel out-of-the-multiverse Draenor (reason: money, but also because it gave characters a 'home').

When I read about freeholds and their central place in top-tier crafting and non-combat progression, it would seem that anyone with more than one character would want all of their alts to have access to the freehold so as to build their personal economy. For many of us who see quantity as a quality all its own, a common home for everyone (at least on one server) would be key.


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    AzheraeAzherae Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    There's a system for this, basically.

    It requires your alts to be on the same server, though, because it's not multi-server, as you expect.

    The system has a small downside, in that it only fits a certain number of characters total, at this time, that we know of.

    So I can grant permissions to my whole group of 8 and spouse, but not more than that, or I can grant '7 and spouse and someone's alt'.
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    OK, that makes sense. It's also nice that one could grant permissions not just to their own alts but also players on other accounts. I think that's pretty good, and ten should be plenty.

    Wish I could multibox it, lulz, but they're come down on a pretty firm "one client per machine" rule. I was a kind multiboxer, I created lots of alts for the purpose of farming current dungeon content and rare mounts, I did not do it to attack other players.
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    Single Players however will likely have a much, MUCH harder Time to hold their Freehold for themselves, than several Players working together on a Freehold to pay together so that they are allowed to keep it.

    Aaannnd : better give it your all defending your Node. :D Apparently Players will be able to attack and ransack your Freehold and rip it all down to build their own Freehold there, if your Node gets overwhelmed, conquered, destroyed, etc.

    So People with Freeholds should be GREATLY motivated into participating in Battles for their own Node. ;)
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    ILLPeonUILLPeonU Member, Leader of Men, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Yes, unless you run into a LOT of money early this task might be too hard early on for a single player. I would highly recommend putting some deep thought on who you want as a family as you can work on this goal together!
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    RockHoundRockHound Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    My Freehold will be a ship on the seas of Vera
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    RockHound wrote: »
    My Freehold will be a ship on the seas of Vera

    Yeah, have all your farms and your crafting stations on your ship. You don't need a Freehold then!
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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 12
    We should be able to hold and farm seacows, seahorses, sheepshead and chickens of the sea on our floating ship-freeholds, as well as sea tomatoes and sea cucumbers and such obviously.
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    Just don't go too far out into the sea.....
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