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Ashes of Creation on 32:9 - Stretched or Stretchless approach?

I'm very curious if anyone from Intrepid could even check for this or if they have a 32:9 monitor, basically what I'm curious is whether Ashes of Creation will provide a Stretched or Stretchless experience for Super UltraWide users.

Before mentioning how Ultrawide might be unfair, remember that running an Ultrawide display comes at a major price. 33% performance for 21:9, and double the performance cost for 32:9.

By Stretched we understand the following:

- The game fills up the entire screen, but a large part of that extra space is simply a stretched image. This means that the player has the illusion of seeing more, but usually sees an extra 10cm~ or so on the sides, with the rest being the same content stretched to fill the screen.

By Stretchless we understand the following:

- The game fills up the entire screen, and content is displayed correctly and evenly throughout the extra screen space. Stretching does not happen, and the users sees twice as much horizontal content as a normal 16:9 monitor.

I see WoW and Throne and Liberty both have Stretchless Ultrawide support, I'm personally hoping Ashes follows suite and can't wait to check it out in Q3!


  • NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Steven likes ultrawide, so our best guess is that it's going to be fully supported and stretchless. I am pretty sure it was in A1, but not 100% sure.
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