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ideas i want you implement in the game

i saw the seasonal weather effect i want those not just be without effect i want it affect gameplay
example : lightning of magician increase damage 10% when it is raining
venom have 10% more damage in sun like snakes in real life
when it is raining muddy land make it slower to wake 10%
things like that what you think ?

and also i have another idea
make towns and it's land desert other snowy other trees and jungle
and everyone make his char choose his main land and he be stronger 10% or 15% or 20%

imagine all that happening while trade caravan from town to town and people choose trading roots depending on there mainland
and make weather effects affect for hours same weather so people can choose these hours good to make trade or not depending on them

another thing make invisible skill not 100% invsisble make it like glass light passthrough and crack so it be harder to see but if you focus can see like rogue trying sneak behind me archer so i can take action


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    Owls. Owlbears. Owlcats. All the things owl.
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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    edited March 10
    Owls. Owlbears. Owlcats. All the things owl.

    Owls are a hoot!

    Sadly I bought in too late to get Watcher of the Woods or the Arctic Prowler:

    I kept talon myself back then not to buy into games before they are owl done and released, which I regret now. But it's gonna be owlright, we can hopefully get some owl-like pets or mounts once the game has taken wings. I really want something like that arctic prowler though!

    And as for OP, stealth is going to be like the Predator (movie) stealth. Not invisible.
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