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Any info on UI customization

TelandrasTelandras Member
edited March 11 in General Discussion
When I first got started in WoW, I kept dying, to the annoyance of my first guild, on Sindragosa. Reason: I hopped from RTS to WoW and I was using click to move. I got a bit more into it, kicked around in some pretty ho-hum guilds, but then pushed higher in progression during Dragon Soul. Two years had passed, and that went OK. But at the start of the next expansion, I was doing absolutely stupid things and at one point wiped my guild on a progression attempt when we had the boss. I walked into a Wind Bomb, dealing raid-wide lethal damage because in all the blur of visual effects I could not tell which toon was mine.

So I finally figured out to ditch the stock UI and created my own using addons called WeakAuras and BarTender. I put my abilities up right under my feet, a heads-up display in the middle of my screen that made it unambiguous where I was standing. I made a bigger resource bar that sat right over my core abilities, so there was never a question as to what I was going to do next based on how much juice I had to do it. And I made myself a special health bar that was invisible when I was at full health but became more opaque and went from green to red as my health declined. My GM, who months earlier had been screaming at my mistakes asked me more about the customization and we iterated on improvements. I could time my 100% health restores and other massive CDs as a tank, and hang on in tough situations as a DPS.

For me, the biggest hurdle to enjoying an MMO is that heads-up display. It's buttons, resource bar, health bar, and I need a moderate degree of flexibiltiy to place and size them to taste. Will AoC include on-board tools to customize the UI, or allow addons for the purpose?


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