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Fog Effects, Pitch Black Darkness, Blinding Lights - Visual Dampening effects for in game strategy?

Seeing as how we are supposed to have a hybrid tab target and action combat, is there any chance of game effects that can temporarily disable tab target? I'm thinking something like a smoke bomb that you can't select into it, but you can still shoot into it and hit something.

There could be a variety of ways to utilize this type of idea. Perhaps pitch black caverns requiring lights, or spells of darkness, where you can only see within a certain distance from you. Or a giant wall summons that blocks your camera angle from seeing past it.

The more types of systems like this the easier it is to rock-paper-scissors the classes. If one class is really good at casting these things, and another can remove them easily, then you can make direct counters.

Although implementation would be real key here. People already hate loss of control effects, loss of vision is probably equally hated or worse. Maybe it's not a great idea... Could make for some interesting dungeons though.


  • I actually think its a very cool idea. I would like to point out though, that those types off effects, are framerate killers. Problem could be, that some classes have more abilities that does not need tab targeting, where others dont. So some classes could be in a serious disadvantage in those places.
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