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Build concept: Adherent of the frenzied flame

Ap0ph1sAp0ph1s Member
edited March 12 in General Discussion
i aint gonna sugar coat it and everyone in this community probably has played elden ring but for thsoe who havent, the yellow flame of frenzy is essentially chaos flame that melts away all order ranging from the forces that make your body to even the forces that compose both your mind and even your soul. this flame is also known as the chaos flame of madness and induces rampant madness in any who witness it, breaking down their mind and due to the aspect of reality it represents, any who witness it go mad not just because their mind is being broken down on the equivilant of the fucking atomic level but instead for your mind and soul but also because it forces you to bear witness to ALL OF LIFES collective despair, pain, suffering, and sadness and pretty much makes you not just witness it all but FEEL it too. (its a lore thing that if you want, this video explains it better)

to kinda get a similar vibe tho i also will say, im not sure how this one will play out ultimately as i dont know if there will be the right spells exactly and if the augment im thinking of using will actually let these spells do what i want em to but it will be a bard/mage with of course, all fire augments with than a focus on debuff illusion spells that affect the enemies mind and make them attack eachother or stop as they despair or go mad or maybe even go to sleep if thats all there is with ultimately, ill just haveta rp that the reason is cause its chaos flame UNLESS intrepid decides to actually make illusion magic augmented by other things into actual chaos magic so you could have chaos lightning, ice, fire, or even.... CHAOS TELEPORATION!!! ok so that one upon thinking about it could actually be pretty interesting.... just imagine being able to loki swap the healer with the tank and force them to eat a fucking metor from your teammate or swap your squishy dps with your tank so the big boss attack that the dps was 100% out of position for because dps especially in any mmo seem to have a complete lack of will to live, saving their dumb ass with a get out of jail free card almost literally....


  • Great to see your punctuation improving. Keep it up.
    The girl watched the last of the creatures die and murmured a soft 'Thank you' to her rescuer.

    The stranger's eyes lifted to the blood red cloud on the horizon.

    'We have to move. It's not safe here.'
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