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Environmental life?

Hey all,
Just found another misplaced doobie and it got me thinking... I've played a lot of games that despite being beautiful, well designed, and populated with NPCs, they still felt dead or sterile. I think it might've be due to lack of "life". How difficult would it be to make a few rodent, insect, or bird sprites, to randomly move about the world. Would that even make a difference? Do your creatures interact with each other in any way? I'm just letting my mind wonder.



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    edited March 16
    Hi @Moseph

    7:30 seconds BUTTERFLIES
    11:23 seconds BIRDS SITTING ON GROUND and fly off as Steven gets near them.

    6:15 seconds BIRDS FLYING (Not sure if those are supposed to be birds or leaves)

    I think more details like this will be added closer to beta. But would love to see more birds flying high in the sky, maybe little rodents like mice running around, or rats in cities (Human cities, us elves don't have rats)
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    MosephMoseph Member
    Sweet. Those little things can totally change the feel of a game. I think it’d be pretty cool to see some squirrels and such.
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    I agree details like these are what makes a game feel alive! As our local dark sorcerer stated above, we already have some - but I am looking forward to seeing more of this when AoC is in the state of being polished before launch! <3
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    NerrorNerror Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    A matching sound-scape is super important too. Buzzing insects, wind blowing, leaves rustling, waves, rain, obviously birds chirping, marmots calling for Alan, etc. It should be good enough that we don't consciously notice them, nor their absence.
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