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NA | Alien Octopus | 21+ | Hardcore PVX + Fun Social. ALPHA 2. YOUNG & OLDER PROFESSIONALS

GodawfulGodawful Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
This guild is for people ages 21+ that have a life but when you log in, you like to go hardcore. Maybe youre a business owner (Like myself) married with kids, work a steady job & sometimes you take vacations, maybe you don’t log on for a couple days. This is the guild for you! Some of us try and play when we can, maybe it’s for a whole week straight, maybe not. For those of us that can balance life & virtual life. Come join the guild! Working adults who like to game!

About me, I’m 32, i own a nightclub in LA, I game pretty frequently but every now and then I like to go to festivals & concerts, maybe take a vacation. I bring my laptop to get some play time in. & when I’m home on my way too ridiculous $15k setup. I have a fiance, and 2 cats. Come join the guild for the average adult that loves to game out. No kids allowed.
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