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a fun mage augment idea

i remember on a different post i made about i think the teleporation augment that i would love a simple basic pure magic augment that basically makes abilites look more like soul magic from the dark souls seris of just that pure like blue magic look and getting a staff response saying that there actually was the possibility of at least the mage getting more than just 4 augments due to the nature of magic being so broad and so i thought while playing on one of my favorite builds i have made in eso being an iron atronauch build that getting like magma/iron augment would be super badass :D

like i could see it being a augment with strong pros and cons where you get a massive boost to durability during your ability usuage with most abilites getting some form of defense buff as well as a proper aoe burn as if you by using these abilites that allow your to create and melt this molten hot iron, you incinerate everything around you that you choose to burn BUT at the cost of movement speed and weakness to lightning damage ESPECIALLY while wet and perhaps longer cooldowns and cast times since your more durable and can take the hits in between.

Ultimately tho i would LOVE an full iron augment summoner making basically just iron atronauchs or like a iron augment tank that would basically become immortal to most things and perhaps the tank at least would still need to be seroiusly careful of lightning but due to them already building around durability, they could probably take some lightning resistance armor on top of their tank abilities boosting their lightning defense basically meaning their abilites are so powerful they dont need buffs letting them devote everything to shoring up their biggest weaknesses of speed and lightning meaning their level of strength would balance out
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