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customizable skill VFX idea

this isnt my own idea but something ESO has and plans to improve on further that i feel ashes could take a tip from before we head into the beta polishing phases where ideas like this wont really be able to be made anymore cause they werent planned for earlier meaning there was no backdoor left open to make these ideas after launch to avoid scope creep before it.'

this video shows it somewhat but the concept is around ESO's customized actions and the planned 'skill styles' which will allow you to change the VFX somewhat for abilities after earning these skill styles through playing the game with this also being something that if ashes does customized actions as well, please, dont make it only avalible in the cashshop (i doubt they would but still feel it should be said as that is part of what kills customized actions so much for plenty of people for good reason if ya ask me)


  • arsnnarsnn Member, Intrepid Pack, Alpha One
    edited March 29
    Hm, as more of a competitive PvP player, id like to be able to recognize whats coming at me.
    With the augment system i imagine that, that will be already hard.
    I dont want a vfx meta thats build on confusing the fuck out of people.
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