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summoner bard idea

so i was thinking about mind control magic cause i find especially mind control interesting in the theme of fantasy as on its own, its not actually powerful but in the words of someone else "illusion magic is truly terrifying because where a normal mage must conjure forth the energy and successfully case a ice spell to freeze and enemy in place and hope that they dont break through, an illusion mage makes them believe they are frozen and forces them to hold themselves still while they drive a blade through their heart..." which is an intersting thought especially when i feel that dnd showed the perfect thing for such a honestly creepy type of magic being lovecraftian type shit with beholders and tenticales and shit straight outta cuthulus fucking closet :D hell, the fathomless warlock and abberant mind sorcerer also are some great examples for this type of theme and i would LOVE to have a summoner who doesnt summon peramnent summons really but instead summons these tentacles all around the place that lash out at anyone who comes near while they control their opponents minds to walk towars their tentacles to die!
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