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2 more mage augment ideas

some more post launch ideas for possible mage augments i think would be fun magic type augments to get.

the first one would be empowerment magic that basically would make even ranged spells like fireball turn into physical power boosts almost like a mage who uses magic to strengthen and than also control their weapons to make them swing harder with less ability to be stopped as well as making them far more durable. idk, something about a mage using their magic on weapons and than killing you instead with that always felt both funny and cool to me and its something i would love to see making a double mage able to play more as a battle mage type character maybe even with some magic shields making them like a dreadnaught BUT with the caveat that this shit would drain your mp fast and your still stuck with normal mp recovery meaning all your gear would need to hard focus max mp and mp recovery instead of being cool shit as the trade off for the power boost.

the other idea is something i based on D&D as well as funnily enough, the character wraith from apex legends being divination/reality magic that lets you both peer into other parallel versions of yourself's realities to basically do some precog type shit as well as also use a form of scying where you basically just either ask alt versions of yourself who have already found it where it is or look into their realities to see where it is yourself as well as maybe even being able to temporarily pull outcomes from other realities into yours which gameplay wise would translate to things like boosting yours and your allies luck stats through a mix of this 'pulling other realites results into your world' and 'you telling your teammates the future' as well as debuffing enemies luck being again both of those reasons for why those debuffs get applied with this one again, taking away the mages attack spells by and large but giving you buff options as well as debuff options and utility in the form of scrying for traps, enemies, and even perhaps things like enemies resitances or useful items which especially when tackling new dungeons that have formed in the wake of a new metropolis node going up, would be really handy for any group or guild of players :D
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