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Wishes For Vera - continuously growing collection of ideas as an offer for the developers

HannesKittlerHannesKittler Member
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This is work in progress .. pls forgive me the missing patience to make it look beautiful .. thanks! I will update it from time to time..

Meaningful Vera

Skilltrees: pls make more than one skill tree.. its not enough

different societys:

introduces a system through which you can become an outlaw and, for example, join bandits who have been excluded from society due to circumstances. They could live in hidden outlaw settlements in the forest or in caves. They could have their own merchants where corrupt players could also shop, etc. They would have to have a differentiated system to the node system to form an underground society. They could be the counterpart to the normal law-abiding townsfolk, which would make the game more exciting. You could build Robin Hood-like conditions into the game. It could be a system where the robber node generates and launders xp by raiding caravans, robbing, etc. You could get quests where you have to steal from settlements or towns or do other robbery type missions. You could become a robber captain and be wanted etc. Robber skills such as a trip rope, camoflage, hiding under leaves, wrapping yourself in moss, climbing trees, build traps in the forest (large ones) would also be possible. There could be special armor types and cosmetics for brigands. Robbers accept things not accepted by normal society like attitude, mindset, radicalism, racism, sexuality, lordship concept, ranks. The robber chief could give quests based on his position and attitude towards society. There could be a menu where he can use certain defaults to personalize quests for the robber camp and he could for example give assassination missions (for example: kill 3 keylar, rob 10 caravans, delete 3 settlements, destroy 10 keylar houses), there could be a raider talent tree. They could have their own currency to trade with.It is possible for raiders to form alliances and pacts with lesser beings such as goblins etc. As a raider, you can complete quest series to gain their trust. Later you will be able to complete quests with them as companions and go into dungeons or carry out raids or kill missions for the raider captain, or let their tribe etc. attack settlements and cities, you can learn there forms of magic and abilities and dive into their lore much deeper. You can profit from their ancient secrets and gods. You can even join their tribe and work out plans with them against the narrative.

Forms of trade: their own form of money ( maybe things that could drop from raided players like glint), gemstones etc.

Nomadic peoples: (spawn at random points on the map and wander along different routes to settlements and certain places important to them, side quests possible, companions for nearby dungeons and quests for players who prefer to play without other players, have special knowledge (talent spec possible, special professions learnable from the nomadic peoples), quest series necessary to gain trust, magical nomadic people possible

Cat nomadic people: roam around, feed on all living creatures that run in front of them (all of them! ), are emotionally restrained and can only open up in private, imagine a cat, because in most games cat people are far too human, they should rather be telepathic and hardly talk, very peculiar, secretive, only show emotions to selected friends, suffer from telepathic attacks, are a bit confused and far too thoughtful, love life and celebrate festivals, think of the Ewoks from Star Wars as a side inspiration to cats, love technical progress, love fashion and filigree, decorate the area with filigree telepathic puzzles, hate water, are enigmatic and only whisper the most necessary things among themselves, but can also speak if they want to

Giants nomadic people: decorate settlements when wandering because of their size and visit places important to them , unintelligent gentle disposition , go berserk when attacked and develop hatred for the specific race of the attacker because they are too stupid not to generalize their hatred , are shy, fall in love with other races,

monkey nomadic people: Hate the Kay-lar, intelligent,

ideas of a meaningful world of Vera:
Trade should make sense ( for example certain goods are only available in the north or south of the map, because that's the only place to get the raw materials situated in this particular area, which makes traveling or very elaborate caravans necessary, which in turn makes the game experience interesting)

Make the moon cycle interesting (the Anchientes have marked certain stones that glow at certain moon cycles and then the player knows that he can connect to the moon from one of these stone formations distributed on the map and learn abilities, the more often you connect to the moon, the stronger the effects of the moon connection become and the more abilities of the moon spec you learn, there are no NPC's , because it is secret knowledge and nobody knows it anymore, the stronger you have absorbed the moon, the stronger the eyes and the skeleton of the character glow (especially at the ankles, knees and elbows, i.e. everywhere where the bones protrude more strongly on the body, the glow could be a bright white-yellowish opal color, like glowing wax), immediately after charging the moonspec the entire body glows for an hour, but the glow becomes continuously weaker

The moon abilities: to explain: the moon influences the water in all living creatures and plants. Moon wood, for example, is therefore much more resistant and the Anchients have always used the power of the moon to build houses and to protect themselves and everything they hold dear, i.e. to make them more resistant. As a moonspec-skilled player, you could therefore have increased resistance to magic and the like.

i recomend to implement several ancient secrets like the moon spec

make sun positions interesting:

Insert necrofire as a form of necrotic magic, should be very difficult to learn.

Rhythms, festivals, celebrations:

Dynamic events:
Have markets ( also randomly spawn in non-urban terrain, matching the environment with special goods

Abilities everyone can learn
- seeing through animals (like Bran Stark of Winterfell) to scout enemies or similar, of course it should be hard to learn and even hard to find the questline, maybe it's a nomad and you need to fulfill alot of requirements to be able to accept the quest.



I feel like forests are not dense enough sometimes and the trees are not high enough.. pls make some forests more like in the foto if you can! Think of Lord of the rings fangorn or thranduils forest

pls make the armor more like in the fighter development stream with the Ork. Most of your armor is to thin layert. It feels not like armor. It's a fantasy game. The Ork looks good... Mor eof it pls..

I think you should build more creative Armour sets, for example: make an amber stone armor as a light weight armour( make thin layert shiny metal plates under the amber stone to let it shine. Amber stone is a protection stone so it's properties are:
- poison resistance
- creates a bubble that absorbs negative energy and transforms it into good ( gives buffs, if negative magic hits you )
- life regenerating

Use nature's diversity for creating items. There is so much material out there, for example : an armour made of salt crystals, it's good against dark energy ( some people believe that it doesn't matter) so in the game it could be good against dark magic

Don't make item-lvls! Let the armour itself define your way of playing. This dragon drops this amour, it's a heavy armour, it's stats and properties are like so and so. This way "every" item will get its unique value. Otherwise so many items end up trash bcs it's only for low lvl or it's only a low item-lvl set and you are already hunting the next piece bcs although it's the same it has higher stats. Item-lvl destroy creative gameplay and experience, bcs you'll end up with all players wearing the same amour bcs its good for pvp or what ever.

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