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Great iteration

Overall very impressive early iteration. I really liked the impactfulness that many of the abilities had.

I would like to see more continuity in the ability VFX. All red "bloody" slashes, etc. Could be interesting to have them all change based on the current active "stance" too.

The whirlwind ability could use some hitlag to bring it inline with the feeling of the other abilities.

The abilities shown were all really nice, but I hope to see more in the future that aren't purely focused on damage. The kit could use just a bit more utility. At least as an optional spec. Maybe as a subclass so you could opt in to different niches.

The basic attacks really fell flat for me. They felt slow and unimpactful. I would like to see them also get some trailing VFX or something. They looked very small especially when shown next to the abilities.

Love where you're headed with the weapon trees, but I do not like the idea of chance-based procs. Ideally I'd like to see more, impactful branching paths and fewer stat increases.

The ability that causes earthen spikes to protrude from the ground is a bit too much. I'd prefer something with less visual clutter. Maybe earthquake fault lines that spread out from the point of impact.

I like that the fighter carries a bit of the berserker archetype in it since you don't have a class dedicated to that archetype. I would be ecstatic if their were even more ways to lean into that eventually.

I really appreciate the mobility you gave the fighter. Too often melee classes are relegated to dying before they even get to the enemy. I'm very glad to see that addressed so early.

If you'd like a reference point for a well designed fighter, please consider Black Desert's greatsword awakening. It perfectly encapsulates the fighter fantasy.

Visually, the Fighter showcased looked great. I really liked the equipment, and the character was perfectly bulked for the power fantasy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me make a human race character that size. And with that same mohawk. I can forgive everything else, but do not slight me on this.

I felt the mob density was good enough. Respawn rates were fine as well. I would really like to know what leash ranges will look like. I'd like to be able to pull huge groups to really test group abilities.

The environment is phenomenal. All of it. Nailed it.

The goblins sound great, but a little loud. If I'm going to be grinding for hours, I'd prefer they were a touch quieter.

The mage spell VFX are still a bit too much sometimes. The blizzard and ice carpet in particular are very bright and cover a large area. Giving them some opacity could a fun way to curb that and stay on theme with the ice element.

Cleric's chain heal spell just doesn't look good to me. The way it jumps from target to target in a straight line really feels odd and immersion breaking. It looks like an old videogame effect.

Criticisms aside, this game is really starting to look amazing. I can't wait for the full release. You guys are gonna nail it.


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    This was supposed to be in fighter feedback. How do I delete this?
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    FlankerFlanker Member

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    KojiKensei wrote: »
    This was supposed to be in fighter feedback. How do I delete this?

    Afaik there's no thread or post deletion. You can use the edit function to replace your text with a [redacted] statement.
    No one but yourself can validate you for all the posts you *didn't* write.
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    KojiKensei wrote: »
    This was supposed to be in fighter feedback. How do I delete this?

    Message one of the mods and ask them to delete it.

    Or hope that one stops by and takes pity on you.
    This link may help you:
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