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some more general theorycrafting of how augments might work

one of the builds im gonna try will be a cleric/cleric using full either death augments or as i have realized in reading a pretty good manhwa, corruption and purification could be their own augments and make up the other 2 augments the cleric might get and whether there is a full on corruption augment or the death augment would kinda just work like a corruption augment probably would, i still love the idea of making a priest of corruption who pretty much is a melee fighter who loses almost all of their ability to heal others, only maintaining their self healing and instead has a lot of decay and just flat out damaging abilites instead that do serious dmg even to themselves in exchange for being strong while letting them keep pretty much all their self targeted healing as that also is the only way to save yourself from nuking yourself outta existence long before the fight finishes. as for the manhwa, its literally called 'The Priest of Corruption' and on top of being a good read, the abilities he gets as time goes on is kinda what i would figure a cleric/cleric using the full death augment/full corruption augment if that ends up being one of their augments, would actually be like ;D
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