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[NA] PublicEnemy HardCore PvP Guild/ Arena/ OpenWorld/ PVE 21+

SizzFizzSizzFizz Member
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The Facts
Let's face it boys were getting old were in our 20's if not even in our 30's ..... WoW isn't as exciting as it was....New World where you can't find no one to dungeon anymore..... Or Black Dessert disappoints you because there's no more good PvP because people run from it and everyone is tired of the repetitive grind.... Don't bring those MMO's into this Guild cuz we don't fux wit dat. There will be other sections if y'all like taking breaks and playing different games on discord.

About Us
At PublicEnemy we're some chill retired Gladiators/ AoS champs, who speak multiple languages English/Spanish/Albanian/Montenegrin/Bosnian/Italian/Etc. Who just like PVP/PVE. Looking for those who seeing feeds of other peoples names. We love enjoyers of competitive PVPers who don't back down no matter how bad the situation is. If you do however like PVE we do that too more in a casual way unless this damn game gives us some competitive PVE also. Games lack PVP where we strive for the little tingle you get from from underneath your ass... If you have a big cowk , you like to PvP and grind because you’ve been looking for an MMORPG for the longest time? Your family believes you’re a worthless failure ? Speak no more....
PublicEnemy is where you will be HIM. Someone who takes no for an answer. Cashing Checks , Snapping NECKS ! Bros before hoes! Someone who can tell their wives she needs to pick up more shifts to watch the baby at home while you bust more nuts on AoC!! Give me 3 bad mother fuckers I will show you the Fken sky. Ain’t nothing stopping us cuz we don’t quit. I want y'all to be Keyboard terrorists!!! Let’s kick some ass

Have any knowledge of recruiting or Interested in being an Admin to invite your boys?
Contact my discord @ SizzFizz#1731
DM SizzFizz#1731 on discord to get rolls on Discord
(Enrolls are coming in fast get your spot as soon as possible)
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