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Warrior skill suggestion

I hope someone from the design team will read this regarding warriors, i myself think an ability like heroic throw ( wow warrior skill) is pretty nice to have but it serves little purpose. What if we redesign the ability to leave a circle around the area that you throw and then when you do the leap strike into it, you can get an additional effect like a damage buff or maybe a CC like trip ( knockdown)

This is just an idea but im pretty sure you get the gist, I want to make it feel like a fantasy of a real warrior


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    McShaveMcShave Member
    I don't want to be that guy, but I have seen this in multiple places now and it bothers me. There is no "warrior" archetype. Please use the actual name "fighter".
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    VissoxVissox Member
    Sounds neat. I like that it would telegraph the leap but you can still use it without to be less predictable. Adds an extra layer of skill to how you chain your abilities.
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