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Cleric seems like a great looking class!

AlwaysErickAlwaysErick Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
I rewatched the cleric show case (8 months ago) and I must say the cleric seems like a great class to play.

You can either be Healer (Of course) or a DPS build. Want to heal and help friends? Spec into healer mode. Solo lvling and you don't feel like making a party. Go skill into DPS mode. I think what is also cool about cleric is that can you switch between two different roles.

In at least one of those roles you have so much choice. (Healer Role)
i.e when they showed off the healing that you can do up close for a huge heal. Making close range healer and far away healers a thing.

I am pretty positive that I will be make a cleric, and It's complete class will be the Templar. Cleric(Primary)/Fighter(Secondary) More of a close range healer that uses a sword and shield. I think that would be so cool. Also because all weapons can be used by all classes I hope it's gonna work (fingers crossed)

In closing I would like to Thank Steven and all the AoC devs, mods and everyone that is on the AoC team. For making a cool looking mmo too get me excited about.


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