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[Idea] Rare Spawn Systems

I just an idea for a system in the game that capitalizes on one of my favorite things in MMOs, Random Rare Spawns. I haven't completely fleshed this out so bear with me and also please share your own ideas as to if you think this would add value to the game world!

The general idea of this place in the game would be to have a location to turn in 'trophies' you get off of rare spawns you find in the world. These trophies would save a few things to display upon turn-in in some form of leaderboard or display screen.

The leaderboard would display:
1. Name of the Beast
2. Player who killed the beast and the associated party members.
3. Rarity/Difficulty Marker (defined by Intrepid)
4. Fight Length (? idk if this matters to people or if it makes sense)
5. The Region the beast was killed in
6. Link to a Bestiary that updates the more times the beast gets taken down

The Bestiary would include:
1. Name of the mob
2. Lore dump of the mob
3. Variants found of the mob
4. Regions the mob has been found in
5. Lifespan of the mob (?)

My Philosophy on what this brings to the game:
1. It gives explorers something to look for out in the world, and then rewards them for bringing a group together to take down the monster.
2. It brings a unique monster hunter type fantasy that hasn't really existed in a game to my knowledge
3. It allows players to build reputation that they've killed a bunch of the rares
4. It gives a incentive and an avenue for the developers to release a mob into the world as a way to test PvE mechanics.
5. It allows players to glean spawn information in-game instead of relying on datamining websites.
6. It is a system that can be expanded on with in-game node events. i.e. extinction events, sending people across the world looking for a trophy from a mob from far away, caravans full of trophies, etc.

I don't know, it is just a baby idea that I thought had some form of potential, sorry if this has been discussed before, I just love rare hunting and thought this would be a great place to float this idea.
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