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" Endgame " in Ashes of Creation ( Video )

The Video makes me remember a certain thing/pattern i experienced sometimes with Players in World of WoW-Token Craft a few times, since January.

We all know what the Hamster-Wheel in MMO's is, right ?


In World of WoW-Token Craft, this would be the eternal Grinds that is Reputation Farming for different Factions, either as Daily Quests or something else.

Sometimes when i brought this up towards someone who actually "knows" what Ashes of Creation is -> and what it will be when it will finally hit the Stage as a complete MMO,

i was confronted with the Question that went like : " But will Ashes not be another Hamster-Wheel as well ? "

And i was always like : " Yes ... ... ... it will be a different kind of Hamster-Wheel as well. But better. "


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    CROW3CROW3 Member
    One wheel, two wheel, red wheel, blue wheel…some are thin and some are fat, some are tall and some are small, this one has a little star, my what a lot of wheels there are…

    All mmos are a hamster wheel, just find the one you think is prettiest.
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    CROW3 wrote: »

    To bad you are already a Ranger, Crow. You would make a fine Bard i am sure. 😁 . :D
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