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another random thought about the death augment and maybe blood augment and earned race

this is one i thought of while playing bg3 with a modded class that i have been having A LOT of fun with especailly paired with a race mod and a different class mod as well that when all paired together is so fucking fun on the rp front and gameplay front being this class in particular which i feel a fighter/cleric using full death augmetns would replicate perfeclty

beyond that there is another class that if there is a blood augment, i could see again, a fighter/ cleric using blood augments instead replicating very well with also i still stand by that the life augment should just give you some self healing with golden vfx and not lifesteal which feels to off theme for 'HEALING GOLDEN LIGHT' type shit making a blood augment be perfect for giving the lifesteal trait with class in question is this one

with than as for the fun race which could fit perfectly with the idea i brought up like 3 years ago now..... damn...... it feels like 2020 was just last year........ WELP... AGING IS SCARY and ignoring the exescential dread stuff for a minute to talk about random shit for a game that doesnt exist yet cause im excited and find this fun, i would love a race that you do a solo quest for and at the end earn through your hard work which can grant you extra strength in the form of not just racial augments but full on unique racial abilities BUT at the cost of your humanity so to say letting people pk with again, it WOULD NOT be an accident to take on one of these monster races like a vamp or werewolf or lich or something but 100% a heavily invested choice with this idea is the reborn with this mod being the perfect template
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