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Hey, I'm Looking to Join a Small-Medium Size Guild

CaptainArgoCaptainArgo Member
edited May 4 in NA Guild Recruitment
I "Primarily" Want to Be Part of a Group That Focuses on Dungeons and World Events (Every Other Aspect of the Game Aswell).

I've been a part of a few large guilds and many small ones across various platforms. I don't want to be a background character in some large guild. In my experience, we are used as cannon fodder, have no say in any big decisions, are given the least desirable rewards/ benefits. That's just how it is though, I get it. Being Part of a Smaller Group of Like-Minded People is a Much More Fun and Desirable Experience. More Organized and Effective as Many of You Already Know, I'm Sure!

I'm getting on in years and now that I'm a middle-aged man all my buddies seem to have stopped playing mmo's entirely, so I'm coming into this one solo lol. I've Been Following AOC Since 2020 and Have Always Had High Hopes for This Game, and Steven's Vision.

I'm Also Down to Create a New Guild If Anyone Wants to Get Together! I Have Some Pretty Sweet Guild Names and Orgin Stories Already Created!

Reach Out If You're Interested in Creating a Guild or Already Have One! :smiley:

(I'm Very Competitive, pvp focused usually but I enjoy a good pve experience as well. It all depends on the game! I Plan On No-Life-ing This Game.)
Current Games:
Sea Of Thieves (1% of all Nal crews in the NA & EU servers) Unmatched in naval warfare.
Runescape (Played this since 07", mostly because of nostalgia now)
Rise Of Kingdoms

Previous Games:
League Of Legends
New World
Guild Wars 2
Age of Empires 2
Bless Unleashed
(Many More)


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    DaBarrDaBarr Member
    Sent you a message! Hope to hear from you!
    Come back with your shield, or on it.
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    I sent ya one back B)
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