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Plans for vison impaired gamers?

Dre4mDre4m Member
edited May 7 in General Discussion
Me and my brother bought the game back in Jan of 2020 and he has since had a brain injury. I was curious if their were any plans for color blind/Vison impaired players. He can see but becomes more difficult when there is too much motion or too many things to focus on. He compares it to a camera out of focus. Just a thought and if you could take a look at it that would be incredible. Thanks


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    unknownsystemerrorunknownsystemerror Member, Phoenix Initiative, Royalty, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    edited May 4
    Steven who runs the show has said that he has color blindness of some sort also. You can expect the game to have all the standard options that most provide for the disabled.
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    RazThemunRazThemun Member
    People have to adapt their expectations in life based off of what they can do. He had a life altering event... he will learn to adapt accordingly. No different then someone missing limbs, fingers, etc. That does not mean accomadations can't be made to some degree... but a product will not be able to provide a good experience to every customer that comes in the door or logs in.
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