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Moonshot for an AoC expansion

After seeing that nighttime environment, I thought that the firelight in camps was a little bit high contrast and repetitive (maybe make diffferent camps with different levels of firelight, or even a variable firelight that ebbs and builds througout the night). But I was really down with what was up: that skybox was incredible, the cloud detailing was great, and the astrological stuff they're building in the midst of realistic galaxy / nebulae features in a convincing night sky is tantalizing.

When I saw those moons and Steven mentioned the lore, my first thought was that one or more of them would make a great new continent for a new expansion. Perhaps not the first expansion (but, hey, Outland II...), but I would be pre-ordering a patch that takes us to the shattered moon and has us learning more about the Harbingers.

(I would also want to multibox it and play one toon on every natural satellite of Verra.)
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