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Shadowmancer Ideas.

I think it would be great to have the Rogue/Summoner (Shadowmancer) character to be inspired off a Mortal Kombat character name Noob Saibot. He has abilities that have clone follow up attacks. Also maybe mixed with a Guildwars2 Mesmer class could have like Shadow clone bait or shadow clone attacks. Altogether or like substitution jutsu in Naruto anime series where you can maybe mark a spot you were at previously and when you get hit can maybe advance back to that spot and leave a clone to take the dmg in the spot you were taking dmg.

I'm just throwing out some ideas. I want to play Shadowmancer and it would be really cool if it's built or inspired from Noob Saibot I think that would fit this entire philosophy of what it could mean to be a Shadowmancer! Let's discuss this!


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    SoSpokeMikaSoSpokeMika Member
    edited May 11
    That's how I envisioned Shadow Lord (what a horrible name).

    Shadowmancer is something like ZATO-1 from Guilty Gears to me. Ranged shadow manipulation.

    Intrepid should also take a look on how Beast Master abilities look in Black Desert.
    That black ink splatter for shadow magic is a nice visual effect for that class.
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    Yeah that's cool the shadow black ink splatter could be when the clones appear and leave. Earlier on stream Steven said Rogue will have true stealth Shadowmancer could even do like Mesmer in GW2 and pop up a shadow clone somewhere. There's so much you can do with this Shadowmancer or lord whatever they want to call it. Rogue/Summoner makes since to cal it shadowmancer
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