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Is there room for improvement?

Hello everyone,
I am a graphic designer.
If I may comment on some important details I would be happy to share some of my knowledge.

If we can say.. it seems that there is a visibility of the interface that is almost 90% similar to the old "perfect world international" game, the same potions, the same magic icons and really similar effects.
Even the powers like mana and power are really a copy.
They are really also based on the same old game...
The question is, is it okay?

1. There are effects that I would upgrade regarding their visibility.
For example, I would be interested in seeing that there is an aura or magic around the player when he has his own and/or the wizard's powers on him
2. I would change the visibility of the icons a bit, and/or even circle the corners of the icons of the skill squares.
Some of the charms are short in their appearance - they should be given more performance time.
3. I would add an option that allows you to fly in space - such as wings or aircraft, really important in this type of games.
A. An option to stay away from a boss or production that cannot be hit, and of course be killed by him.
B. reach other and possibly higher places.
C. Flight gives a feeling of space and a big open world


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    SpentaSpenta Member
    This may be seen better in another section of the forums; this is the Community Creations section where people share things they've made, had crafted or what not. There are area's for feedback and general discussion where you may get a lot more attention.
    Following Our Lore Series which is based on Ashes of Creation You can find it here:
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