With the extended alpha 2 test, will we have the game's access keys back?

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Hello, with the news that the alpha test server will be extended, will we have the opportunity to purchase access keys to play the game in alpha?

I'm from Brazil and I was hoping to have better conditions to buy the game key. When I finally had the opportunity to buy them, they left the game store.

Will we have the opportunity for the key to return to the website store? I wouldn't bother buying the access key, even without the things that came before.


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    SomethingWittySomethingWitty Member, Staff, Leader of Men, Alpha One
    Greetings dufly,

    We are sorry, but as we have been announcing since September 11, 2023, Pre-Order packages have been removed from the [url="http://"]Ashes of Creation shop[/url] and are no longer available.

    This is not the end of Ashes of Creation content, just the end of our Pre-Order packages. Keep an eye on our News and Social Media channels for updates as to what may be coming next on the Ashes of Creation shop.

    I am closing this thread. If you have any other questions, please feel free to make a new post.
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