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Game Lore

While I have to admit that I am not a huge lore-nut, I really hope that the lore behind the game, especially with regard to race's history is included. I also hope that stories in game actually matter and and intertwined throughout the game.

I say this having experienced years of Guild Wars and Guild War 2, which both had so many elements that mattered, stories that made sense, characters that mattered, and history that was explained throughout. This was incomplete contrast to games like Archeage that basically had lore in the game because...well, I don't know. I can't name a single element or name of the Archeage lore,but fondly remember cinematics and special events in major cities that involved characters that I still remember.

That being said, I wonder how this will be possible with the "node" system: without knowing where and when camps, villages, and metropolises will spring up, I wonder how intricate lore can actually be. I believe this will be a challenge given this somewhat unique twist. I have gamer friends that will literally quit a game early on because the lore and storyline is bad or inconsequential, and I want to invite them to a game that has that depth they desire.


  • Lore normally refers to the past actions of the game. In this case the game's lore is based around what caused you to be AT this point in the present.

    Why are we here with such few colonized areas? What happened to cause this? Is this new area? Is it unexplored?
    What are those blue crystal things with large engraved circles like on the home page?

    There's currently a lot of lore, and yet a lot of questions that sprout from them. I could go on, but I think it's best to wait a bit before we talk more about it :)
  • Mmmm lore. Need lore, must have lore omnomnom :) Yar very curious how the node system will be presented within the lore structure and how it may reflect on world events and developments. I am sure we have all heard from many many game devs about supposed dynamic events and ever changing worlds based upon player actions etc, BUT (imho) no one has ever been able to fully deliver on this. I would love to see these guys change my mind in the future, would be awesome indeed
  • Lore will be delivered. Sooooooon
  • [quote quote=643]Lore will be delivered. Sooooooon


    This sentence has 5 words. There are 5 E's in this sentence. E is the 5th letter of the alphabet. There is no E in the 2nd word of the sentence. 2+5=7. The "soon" has 7 O's. 7 is a prime number. It is also 3 less than 10. 3.

    Half Life 3 confirmed.
  • When will soon by now...then! (Sorry, had to do it).

    I guess my question should have more addressed toward the development of story as the game develops and ultimately reverts as nodes are destroyed. Really looking forward to this!
  • Yeah, Lore/Story is important. Look forward to seeing more on this....
  • Lore is a huge draw for me. I can even get behind bad/messy lore when good design stands out and there's a central tension. I look forward to the discovery of it and hope a majority of the lore is in game as the setting suits lore in such a fashion.
  • While lore is essential in any game, I usually avoid it if it is reams of bloat just for filler. I like it snappy and to the point. If a guy is another guys enemy, I can get that with a little dialogue and not from 7 chapters of reasoning.
  • please make ingame runes that can be translated in a normal alphabet. Pleas, make old ruins or something with texts that can be translated and tell ingame lore in the actual game.
    This would be so great.
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