[Cosplay] Pyrian Battlemage

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Ladies and gentlemen !

Alpha 2 is closer than ever !
(That's quite an easy statement, I know…)

While many of us are about to set (virtual) foot on Verra for the very first time, I would like for us to send some thoughts to our (virtual and hypothetical) ancestors who fought and died on this beautiful world thousands of years ago.

Hommage to those who fell !

Since words without action carry no weight... I am proud to present to you some Non-virtual-but-still-hypothetical-fallen-Ancestor in action !



Now let's have a closer look to these relics of the past ! :o
Warcrown of Sorcery :

"An ancient crown, forged during the desperate times of the Apocalypse.
It is said to contain a savage and ruthless power.

At least it's what the saleself said to mom."


Spaulders of the Mighty Phenix :

"Mighty Phenix ?! It looks like some random angry chicken if you ask me my opin… aouch ! Ouch ! Hey ! Leave me alone you stupid flaming-bird !"


Armor of the Faithful :

"Yeah you definitely need faith to wear this so-called armor. I guess the designer of this thing had an iron belly or something ?"


Armbands of the Fallen Glory :

"I'm not sure about glory, but they definitely fell in some mud."

Gauntlet of the Flaming Heart :

"Again, what's wrong with this designer ? Is it actually wrong to want to keep my right fingers attached to my hand ? Is it ?"

Stick Great-Grand-Archmage-Staff

"It hates being called Stick... so I had no choice but to rename it. Scary, scary staff."

"Stiiiiick !" (active ability) : Your next single-target offensive spell is a guaranted critical hit, but it has a 50% chance to hit you instead of your target.

Set effect : Blessing of the Goddess (passive skill)
"Beware if you dare to harm one of the beloved followers of the Goddess of Creation ! Her wrath might desintegrate you on the spot ! If she is not busy looking elswhere, of course."

Upon your death, you have :
- a 95% chance to summon an angry chicken attacking all nearby ennemies.
- a 5% chance to summon a mighty armored phenix, attacking all nearby ennemies.

Alright !

This is very likely the last cosplay I'll be crafting, so I hope that you enjoyed the video ! <3
Which is quite longer than I expected, sorry about that.

Also, here are some cool pictures from the video :blush:


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    WuqingYeWuqingYe Member
    YOOOO this is SICK!! I was hoping you'd make another costume :) clean detail and a solid work foundation - amazing job!
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    DiuraDiura Member, Founder, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    This is epic! Well done!
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    AelAel Member
    WuqingYe wrote: »
    YOOOO this is SICK!! I was hoping you'd make another costume :) clean detail and a solid work foundation - amazing job!
    Long time no see Wuqing Ye :)
    Thank you for the compliments ! It has been a lot of work but I'm really satisfied with the result !

    Diura wrote: »
    This is epic! Well done!
    Thank you Diura ! <3

    I'm just returning from a convention where I found some potential Tulnar candidate :D

    Plus some super cool Phenix art <3

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