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Greetings glorious Ashes of Creation Dev Team and Fellow Adventurers,

I don't know if the forums is where we should provide ideas for improving game systems and mechanics but here we go.

I’d like to suggest an enchanting system for Ashes of Creation, inspired by a lesser-known but extremely successful system in the game DOFUS (some people only play the game to engage with this system as it so unique, fun and genius).

On the live stream of 4 June 2018, the devs have confirmed they were contemplating ways to improve gear after crafting it and to quote them "creating more ways for crafters to express their skill and separate themselves from another person" and the eventuality of a rune system.

Jumping on that, I want to provide an overview of a system that very successfully implemented this exact same ideas.

The enchanting, or "maging," system in DOFUS offers depth, complexity, and a meaningful item sink that I believe could greatly enhance the crafting and economy in Ashes of Creation. Let me break down how this system works and why it would be a fantastic consideration.

1. Acquiring Runes and Creating an Item Sink

In DOFUS, runes are the core components used for enchanting items and represent the physical embodiment of a stat (for example a rune for strength, one for dexterity, slashing resistance etc..). Players obtain these runes by breaking down equipment, transforming them into runes with the corresponding stats on the items. This process creates a natural item sink, removing surplus items from the game and maintaining economic balance. Incorporating a similar system in Ashes of Creation would encourage players to continuously engage in crafting and hunting for gear, knowing that even unwanted items have value as potential sources of runes. To prevent players always breaking the same cost-efficient item, the game has a system where the less an item is broken by players on a server, the higher the % of return of runes that can be obtained from it ranging from 33% to 2000%. The percentage is not known until an item is broken and updated behind the scenes accordingly. There are a category of players that make gold exclusively through speculation on lucrative items to break.

2. Understanding Runes: Weights and Density

Since all stats are not created equal, runes have different densities to represent this difference in stat power. For instance, a +1 HP rune can have a density of 1, and a +1% fire damage can have a density of 10 because it is a 'heavier' stat.

Item weight is the sum of the densities of the stats of an item. Incidentally, a wand with +1 HP and +1% fire damage for example would have a weight of 11.

To manage and balance the potential power of items, they can have a maximum weight across all items, for instance the total weight after enchanting an item cannot exceed 100.

3. Enchanting Outcomes

This is the RNG part of the system, but it is a good part of RNG as it can be studied and optimized through a risk management strategy.

Each attempt of enchanting an item stat can have one of 3 potential outcomes :
  • Critical Success : The rune is successfully applied and nothing else on the item is changed. The closer an item is to 'perfection' or maximum theoretical stats, the rarer this outcome
  • Critical Failure : The rune is not applied, and other stats on the item have lowered creating a density 'sink' (defined below)
  • Neutral Success : in this 2 possible outcomes can occur
    • the rune is applied but other stats of a weight equivalent to the rune density have been sacrificed for the enchantment
    • the rune is applied and stats or a lower weight than the rune density have been sacrificed again creating a density sink

What I referred to as a density sink, is a stat differential on the item that can be filled with stats with total weight equal to the 'sink' present on the item.

4. Overmaging and Exo Maging

In DOFUS, overmaging refers to the process of pushing an item’s stats beyond its normal maximum values it can have from crafting.

For example the wand above can be crafted with + [1 - 10] HP and + [1-3] % fire damage. Overmaging this wand means getting the HP for example to 11 or 12.

Exo imaging (or exotic enchantment) is the addition of extra stats that the item did not originally possess.

Both practices come with risks and require significant skill, calculations and investment from the crafter. This system could be an exciting addition to Ashes of Creation, providing players with the chance to create exceptionally powerful or custom gear while also highlighting the skill and dedication of top-tier crafters.

Maging in DOFUS is not just about enhancing items but also about 'fixing' a craft outcome and optimizing them. Crafters use their skills to fix degraded items and tweak stats to meet specific needs (like on an item that offers both intelligence and strength, a warrior would like the item to have more STR sacrificing the INT, and a mage can wear the same item but with more INT, or a dedicated crafter and a wealthy paladin create an item with both stats on the high end of their range). This aspect of the system highlights the importance of crafting professions, giving players a way to express their expertise and creativity in item customization. Bringing this into Ashes of Creation would add a meaningful layer to the crafting professions, making them essential for both item improvement and maintenance.

I believe implementing a similar system in Ashes of Creation would keep the crafting economy dynamic and engaging, with players always seeking to improve their gear and add a meaningful layer to the crafting professions, making them essential for both item improvement and maintenance.

Thank you for your time and consideration! I would love to hear what you think about such a system.

Best regards,

PS : for those preferring a more visual format, here is a video that provides a 10 minute overview of the system : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSgYITrl21k


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    TexasTexas Member
    Haven't experienced DOFUS, but that doesn't sound terrible.

    Wildstar had a similar system for crafting items where the crafter had a specific overall Power to put on the item, and you could max out Strength for less overall stats or balance Strength, Moxie, and Con for more stats overall but less of each. It worked similar to a DnD character where each additional point in stat X cost more Power. Better crafters had more Power available, and crafts could be Overpowered for more overall Power, with the risk that it would break. This was only on the initial craft though.
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    ChicagoChicago Member, Alpha One, Adventurer
    Sounds like a fun system, I'd love something like this
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    AikaAika Member, Braver of Worlds, Kickstarter, Alpha One
    Ah do you mean something like the system in Last Epoch where you have forging potential and every attempt depletes that until there are zero left and the item is done ?

    Although that system is great, it is good for an ARPG with the abundance of items per player. I believe an MMO should have the option of restarting the enchanting process or give the item to a better enchanter if you don't have the (IRL) knowledge or skill to make it yourself (or break the item if attempting over enchanting maybe ?)
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