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Becoming a God's Champion/Champions

Apparently there is going to a divine element/mechanic in this game? If I am wrong, please correct me now and I will forever hold my peace. Now, with that being said, I heard there will be a hierarchy system for the religious element within this game (think, Pope, Cardinal, Bishops, Priests, etc) . Well add one more level: (Insert god's name here)'s Divine Champion. Maybe, by becoming this champion, you acquire some unique skills (Could be part of that secondary class system we keep hearing about). There could be a number of goals (i.e. missions, guild quests, node progression lvl requirement, etc) that are needed in order to obtain this level of magnitude. Maybe a divine champion is able to summon the power of his god in order to become bad ass moment. And maybe a group of divine champions can pool their energy, and summon their god , momentarily, during sieges in order to help facilitate the destruction/defense and/or capture/(maintain control) of these valuable castles we've been hearing about. Oh, and give all the divine champions special gear, mounts, and a title.

If anyone is willing to add to this idea, or constructive criticism, feel free to talk. This discussions will shape the game into something we all will enjoy playing.


  • Actually this is... a supportable idea very much. However the idea
    [quote quote=5968]Maybe, by becoming this champion, you acquire some unique skills[/quote]
    effects the game balance highly.

    Make the time of your divine power to smth like 24hrs, but then total devastation should occur, when you use it.

    Anyways, this is a considerable one.
  • A divine champion selected by the node's religious leader could be neat. The idea of the position coming with titles, a mount with a timed duration, and perhaps an armor skin could work.

    This theme ties into an idea that was shared last night. The thought was to provide a perk/ability for the religion node's leader to invoke an avatar of the god(s) to either provide a limited duration buff or protect the node for a certain amount of time (similar to invoking the gods in Zeus & Poseidon). I think this would be an interesting mechanic for religion nodes that would directly translate to making religion nodes more appealing (past the lore implications). You would have different avatars for each different god that would grant unique buffs or allow unique ability toggle (obviously with heavy resource/"faith" requirement and/or time)

    I agree with Rivara, the idea has a lot of merit and would be interesting to see something similar to it in game :)!
  • This sounds like a cool idea, but one has to remember that this is an MMO you are sharing your world with thousands of other people. Sure you should get rewarded for your streneous progress, you should however not prove to be divine, and able to totally decimate the enemies lines. I could not see this as being good for pvp. I do however see the process of acension to be pretty cool in a PVE perspective.

    For example: You could have a religion unlockable boss, an arch-nemsis of your divine. Filled with ungodly amounts of power, however one can defeat this nemesis with the power of the grand champion of light. This champion becomes empowered and has special abilities and increased stats to fight the arch-nemesis. Your class combination would have to be a contributing factor to what you provide. The healers and support rain down divine healing to bolster their arrows, the bards provide divine hymns that tell the story of the god to weaken the foe. The tank become the bulwark of the creators being able to shield allies. Etc. In this way I could see it play out quite well. The champion would be known by his/her steed and their mantle of exaltation.

    These are however just ideas. But I encourage you to look at the infinite amount of problems having one character being able to decimate enemies for 24 hours would cause. Though with respect to how Steven and the other devs have been talking, we must be able to also envision that we might not be able to guess mechanics like this on the dime, as our judgement has been tainted by other MMOs styles.
  • I like the idea I think its cool story wise even if it does come with problems. Although if you look at a book with something like a champion of god sometimes they have restrictions. For example only being able to use their power for certain objectives or under certain conditions like say the people of said god are getting slaughtered.

    My main thought is that as long as this could stick to PvE content it could be awesome, imagine one religion being told by the god to follow their champion to a certain location for a huge boss battle which could even be different for each religion depending on the beliefs of the religion.

    PvP is where this idea gets super hard to balance though it also depends on how strong being a champion makes you. can you take on 10+ equal skilled players at a time? or is it only around 3-5? how exactly do the extra skills work? Assuming its not too crazy and you can only use said power in the way the god tells you too there could be an interesting way to implement it into a holy war where 2 champions from different religions fight for control over an area or some special resource. With the champion being stronger sure but not like wipe the whole battlefield strong so if one sides champion dies its not over for them it could come down to some tactics employed by both sides and how they decide to use their champion.
  • A champion yet more, the champion of a god, I think that may would seek this title. though through no event other than one of a gods choosing could one earn it. a contest, a grand conquest, an act of incredible skill. being viewed by a the patron god of your craft at your moment of triumph and earning their boon.

    now imagine that the gods are played by game devs THAT would be something. looking at it from a game perspective it would be difficult to balance from player to player, BUT if it where smething that only say 15 people had and there was a way for those seats to change hands? then it would be less about the balance involved and more about it being a beacon for players to flock to. in my opinion each god should only hold one champion. each would be like a conduit for other players. drawing them in for a chance to see a celebrity almost. following a indomitably skillful player into battle knowing he is truly a force to behold. without the game stuffing something like a super NPC down your throat like say world of Warcraft would. and making it rare and hosting events quests and challenges to take that champions place would drive players to get better and even vie for positions of power among the player base. i think it could be a very solid plan to include somethign like this.

    this also would give devs the ability to create custom quests at any given time. imagine you are walking around in a city and people are following you taking screen caps cause hey man your the champion of the god of storms or something, no bigie. suddenly the clouds grow dark, there is a crash of lightning and standing before you is a game dev in the skin of the god of storms who adresses his champion. bestowing upon him a grand quest refusing the quest would loose the champion his title and accepting it could lead a guild of people down a long chain of actions that ends in an epic conflict. everyone including the champion would be in awe or shock when the dev vanishes similarly to how he came in. how stoked do you think everyone who witnessed it would be to help that guy or even hinder him if their gods where at odds with one another. boom full scale conflict at the drop of a hat.

    just my thoughts.
  • To keep things fair, they could just implement a champion for each node. Depending on the node being warrior driven, economical or whatever the hero's abilities could change. God's champion could have something like a huge mass healing/smiting AOE spell for defence against attacks on the holy city. Voice line, "Deus Vult." Put the cool down on 12 hour cool downs.

    Warrior driven could be a long lasting morale boost which bolsters player's stats significantly with an area because their general is on the front lines wrecking face with them.
  • Boons are granted through sacrifice.
    That would be one hell of a sacrifice to gain such a boon.
    You would have to be completely selfless and devoted.
    Whether you are worthy would be a matter for the gods and the priests.

    Like the others, its an idea that needs considering.
    But not without great care to not wreck the game.
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