i would love some augment in the future being added thats a psychic blank

this is something along the same idea of just ideas for possible augments that can be added as post launch content and in this case, these ideas are to the concept of unique augments for specific classes that either add an extra augment or replace the classes ability to choose augments and with this specific idea, this one would be a full replacement of all secondary augments for specifically ONLY mage primary archtypes and would be called something like the soulless or to go on another games name for soulless being, a vestige.

this unique subclass for the mage would focus on nullifying or at least dampening all magic and in exchange for ANY noteworthy abilites aside from CC, would gain of course that mega CC on all around them and work great as the do in the source i got this idea from which some may have already figured out being warhammer 40k. for those who dont know what a psychic blank is in that franchise, heres a helpful video explaining it great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwW6lObTibU and for those who already know, you probably get what i mean and am aiming for with this concept as a HARD antimage assassin meaning this could also work as a rogue subclass perhaps with their stealth being advanced to the point that even a mage couldnt see through their spells as their lack of a soul leaves no trace of anything for the mage to detect with this being the people you employ to take out tanks and especially any heavy aoe magic users who normally would be untouchable to normal assassins who havent given up LITERALLY all physical dmg resistance to become near immune to magic and have stealth so good that no amount of magic is going to stop it.


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    NoaaniNoaani Member, Intrepid Pack
    In order for this idea to work, the range would need to be limited to half of the range of most ranged damage spells, probably even shorter range than that.
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    i feel the idea you are going here coould be more worked into the pure archtype characters and by that i mean those that pick the same main and secondary archtype like mage mage , fighter fighter etc. make the pure double archtype have some unique ability that isnt too overpowered but makes them stand out and unique and that would make it a valid choice between picking augments on abilities by a different archtype or that uniqueness by picking the same
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