There are a lot of Minigames for smartphones regarding puzzels maybe its a nice idea that some bosses dont drop the item itself they just drop treasure chests and u need to solve as many puzzel as u can in like 5 minutes and the more puzzels u solve the better ur loot will be.

What do you guys thinka bout this idea? ( ofc its just a couple selected bosses or events not every single one)


  • i always like the idea of riddles and minigames, if they manage to be dynamic enough. for the most part, it sounds like it could be content for one specific boss, that is more for non-combat players, that aren't specialized on epic battles.

    also i would love to see going through some sort of easy to medium riddles to even activate the path to the boss location in the first place. having to think a minute and cooperate with your questmates, pushing and pulling levers in the right way, to open the path to the ancient tomb you want to loot? of course!
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