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Codex Hardcore PvX

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Dear Community,

Codex is a Hardcore PvX Guild based in Europe (International). This means we constantly work on improving ourselves, both as a guild and as individuals, to achieve our goals. We are competitive in everything MMOs offer, including PvX, PvP, PvE, Economy, and Politics. That's why we have multiple World, Western and Europe Top achievements in all MMOs we play.

Currently, we are mainly active in Bless Online, TERA, and MapleStory 2. However, we are also actively getting ready for Ashes of Creation. 

If you want to chat with us here's our Discord Link

If you want a better idea regarding our Organization, Terms of Service, Requirements, and Management here's our Codex Megathread

Our Revelation Achievements:

Other Games Achievements:

More information on our background, in the latest game we are playing:

We were also featured by after we won the Revelation Raid Challenge hosted by, the biggest Russian gaming portal . We are the only guild to win the challenge (and on the first try) and were interviewed to showcase more of what Codex is about (you can click the English version button  at the start of the interview to read it in English).
We are a very skilled and stable Revelation Roster compared to other competitive Guilds. This is due to our high requirements and Trials. We are based in Europe, and players from all time zones are welcome to apply.

We ask that all our members use the same referral link so that we are able to maximize all resources into Guild Progression: Codex Network Referral

For the more background information regarding Codex please go to our website's "About us " page.

Main Points:
◘ We will plan with other guilds to make the most active server.
◘ We take all PvX/PvP/PvE content seriously.
◘ Maximize Node/Guild with competent management and dedication.
◘ Website + Tools + Discord + TeamSpeak3 512 slots server license.
◘ Everyone can voice their opinion, and we vote on important topics.
◘ Everyone contributes, whether it is by helping others or taking charge of a Guild aspect.
◘ Suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

Requirements for applying to our Codex AoC Roster:
♦ Leveling quickly.
♦ Active = Join Guild Content.
♦ Mature = Give and take constructive feedback for everyone's improvement.
♦ Motivated = Hardcore goals you want to reach.
♦ Dedicated = Constantly strive to achieve your goals.
♦ Friendly = Sense of guild camaraderie and respect others.
♦ Adaptive = Quickly learn new content.
♦ International = Understand and speak English.
♦ Communicative = Talk and chat with us.

Requirements for moving up in our Codex AoC Roster ranks:
♦ Class Specific Trials which will be explained to you if you are accepted.
♦ Each Trial is handled by your Class Leader who will help you improve.
♦ The Trials are aimed at helping you meet our requirements.
♦ You will have a specific amount of time to complete each Trial.

If you are interested in joining our Codex AoC Roster you can join our Codex Megaserver on Discord. You will be able to add yourself as a member and as we near Closed Betas we will release our requirements which will be required to stay in our Codex AoC Roster.

Our Public Relations team:
♦ GPR 1 @ Deioth
♦ GPR 2 @
♦ GPR 3 @
♦ GPR 4 @

Best regards,



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  • Hello there,
    I guess you can count me in if you go for it ;)
    Nice to see Codex in here.
  • Codex is here ^^ Recommending this guild to all competitive players~
  • Count me in too! :)
  • The best hardcore guild, if you're looking for one.
    Would love to play with if you do end up playing ^^
  • The best organized guild happy to be able to play with you guys again, i highly recommend codex for any competitive players
  • I highly recommend joining CODEX for all hardcore players looking to be competitive and play with the best players in EU. For having been with them for a while in Revelation online, this guild have some of the most friendly and best players. I've had with them the best MMO experience of my life. I've had to stop playing Revelation because of studies, but I think I'll be free at the start of the alpha of this game. Will definitely apply again. Cheers codex friends !
  • Heck yea boys! Link will come here too, and i hope for a dominating performance here aswell.
  • As we are learning more about AoC we are starting to consider a multi-guild system, with specific Codex Branches for specific aspects of AoC. For example, most of our Roster will be Hardcore PvX, yet we are also thinking of having members mostly focusing on Gather/Craft or Trade or PvP or PvE across each Branch. In short, we want to be competitive in all content while ensuring we have the skilled and active players to do so on a large scale. For example, when people see the Volcano and Dragon in the trailer, they might think "Well that Metropolis is doomed". We think "Sweet, we get to fight (and kill) a Dragon and explore new areas". As a Guild we will heavily focus on the Node system and work together with other Guilds to give each other a challenge while also making sure our Server growth is beneficial for our Server Community.
  • 8th :D
  • @maven hope you can do batter RP in here hue hue hue
  • DPS tank incoming Kappa
  • Good to see you guys here. I have seen you guys in a few different games and didn't join since I'm NA. Looking forward to competing with/against you guys for world firsts :)
  • I am in !!!
  • Count me in I have seen you guys on Rev :)
  • This looks interesting.

    I haven't really heard of you guys before, having mainly been invested in World of Warcraft, but I am definitely interested in joining if you lot decide to open an AoC branch.
  • Looking good and willing to apply in the future.
    One question I have tho; What were the total members in other games?
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    Ayyyy Codex, nice to see you guys here! 
  • Definitely going to apply for a hardcore and competitive experience if the game is worth it.
  • Definitely going to apply for a hardcore and competitive experience if the game is worth it!
  • Definitely going to apply for a hardcore and competitive experience if the game is good.
  • We are opening our Codex AoC Recruitment this week. The goal is integration and communication while we wait to play in the Alphas and future tests. Furthermore our new members are welcome to join us in the games we currently play, so we can get to know each other better.
  •  looking forward to it :)

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    reaccon said:

     looking forward to it :)

    SUUUPPP Reac!

    and Sup Codex Friends! <3
  • nice to see you around dude!
  • wish you guys all the best in ashes of creation and look forward to continuing our feud :) 
  •  >:)B)<3  
  • HeyGuys best player arrived
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