Information Regarding Weekly Key Drawings

There's been a few people wondering how the weekly drawings work, and how to win a key so hopefully this answer's some of the questions you may have.

The way the weekly drawings work is;

One week is a random drawing selected from the list of all members signed up to the website and everyone is in with a chance to win either an alpha key or a beta key/mount.

The second week is handpicked by the intrepid team and is based on community involvement (helping others, participation on the forums/discord and by spreading the word about the game through the referral system)

"What is the difference between a weekly drawing key and the keys purchasable through the crowd-sourcing campaign?<em> (once its available)”</em>

By winning a key in the weekly drawings you gain access to the first closed alpha's and beta tests these test's will be by invite only and will be under a NDA. <em>(access to these tests will not be purchasable)</em>

However, the crowd-sourcing campaign will include packages with access to the persistent alpha and several closed beta's. these tests are only accessible through supporting Ashes in the crowd-sourcing event.
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