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Keys + Mounts?

So, I just found out, that some of the people who was chosen through the weekly key draw, some of them also received a mount. Since I consider myself a mount collector, will this be an exclusive mount, that you just get by being lucky, or is it something rewarded to content creators, or will you be able to get the same mount through kickstarter?


  • I would imagine it's unique to the winners but I don't think that has been clarified yet by Steven/Intrepid.
  • And my guess is it'll be the same as the kickstarter mount. I'm sure we'll find out more when the kickstarter launches
  • Will definitely be the same as some of the kickstarters (probably the cheapest)
  • Keep in mind the cash shop is supposed to be cosmetic only so the mount will most likely be unique but won't give you any special benefits other then looking badass. I doubt it'll be the cheapest as I don't think there will be a in game price on it
  • As long as the mount is tradeable i don't mind it being unique you can buy it from another player that maybe doesn't like the mount etc will maybe be the 1st items getting the economy going :-)
  • Tradeable mounts should be a thing, since breeding will be a profession. That is a different question, that a reward mount can be traded, or not.
  • I don't think it would be trade-able since they won through the prizes, but it's entirely possible in my eyes. It would be cool if they allowed trading of what you breed whether it be mount or pet, etc..
  • I can't say/ confirm it either way, the best I can tell you is something a community moderator said in discord.

    "Sarumonin - 03/13/2017
    If the winner is a beta and/or mount winner they will receive a mount. Yes. Not sure if it's specific as I've seen different mounts being handed out"

    So I would lean towards looking at them more like an early jumpstart into the beta with a mount already at your side. Not needing to earn it first one way or another.
    Don't take it as a confirmation, just as a probably.
  • Assuming it's the same mount given as a kickstarter reward making it tradable would have people claiming p2w since you'd basically be selling sonething you paid real money for.

    I for one hope it's a unique mount, with no special skills, and that it's not tradable....which is what I'm betting it will be. Most games I've played won't let you sell founders pack or collecters edition mounts.
  • In my opinion it will be just mount that looks really cool and nothing else. It won't have any special abilites (probably) that can affect on gameplay (being stronger). I think it is just going to be glowing, cool looking, unique horse with maybe logo of Ashes of Creation for people who are lucky with random draws or was hand picked by Steven.
  • [quote quote=6391]that looks really cool and nothing else[/quote]

    As I heard some mounts will have the ability to fight. For example, the temporary leaders of the cities will receive a <strong>highly</strong> battle-capable mount until the end of their office time.

    I would not be so surprised, if the beta reward mount would be a <strong>small / medium</strong> fight capable one, however rumor said it, that it will be this:
  • That's a nice looking mount and well worth giving to the kickstarter to get (assuming it'll be tge kickstarter mount)
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