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Hi, Well Basically..

Yeah ... i just got the name of the game on my name LOL , i'm pretty sure i wont be keeping it but damn i think i deserve an award or something , like a key perhaps :) , anyways i am so hyped for this game, i have been craving a GOOD game for a long long time, i currently can't play a single mmorpg , nothing out there can satisfy me or my friends for more than 10 minutes , i know their is a long time to go till this is ready and that is okay, but seeing as i am the game itself , i want release like tomorrow LOL, love you guys and keep up the hype and community


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    Welcome adventurer!

    However we believe, that you are the greatest fan of AoC (and Michael Jackson ofc.), I still would like to recommend this pleasant post about information on alpha / beta keys: <a href="" target="_blank">Information Regarding Weekly Key Drawings</a>

    Also, you should watch this (again) for maximum hype:

    AoC Discord (must have):
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    Welcome to the community!
    Enjoy your stay and congrats on the name! If you want to know more about the game be sure to check out the community folders.
    They can be found here: <a href="">Community folders</a>

    I am looking forward to seeing you around!
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    Hello community!

    Wow, this is gonna be exciting! After a long period of disappointment, broken promises and shattered hopes, this finally seems to be the game I wanted to play for years. Ready to come on board of the hype train and already saving money for the Kickstarter!

    May this game rise from the ashes and change the MMO landscape forever!
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    Maybe it does, while we wait I'll invite you to tea crackers and a nice chat.

    Hope to see you people around
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    Hmmm, how do we know you aren't one of the developer's sleeper accounts?

    We're onto you. </em>

    Welcome 'tho :)
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    Hahaha , i wish i was , i would be playing the game all day , all i got right now is elder scrolls online to keep me busy till AOC comes out
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