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Global Tournaments (PvP; PvE)

1) Globally funded annual tournament through a player-driven economy. How? Potential solutions;

Micro-tournaments -- which have costs to enter and rewards for winning -- in order to obtain points that could potentially enter you in a quailfying position for a grand, annual tournament. This annual tournament could offer rewards to the top five winning teams. These rewards could range from gold to resources to gear, both for guilds and the participants. (Note: Payouts could be determined depending on how many participants enter the tournament and how much 'rewards' are available for said participants).
Another avenue of financing player-run tournaments would be to allow non-participants the opportunity to gamble on tournament teams. Maybe allow for a regional announcement system that gives all players within the region an ETA on when a tournament is beginning. All gold gambled would be pooled, dividing it amongst the gambler's who correctly guessed the victor. The gambling system would most likely be fixed amounts of slightly varying range. Or it could not be fixed, and if you won and paid 70% of your 'winning groups' invested money, than you earn 70% of the winnings with the other 30% being divided based on how much each member of the 'winning group' invested.
Intrepid could also provide in-game content for these annual tournaments...with the micro-tournaments being managed by either Intrepid or the guilds. These micro-tournaments would have to have a timer in order to prevent people from stacking points to cheap their way into the annual tournament.

2) Fair Fights!

In order to offer a fair fight for both new and veteran players, I suggest standardizing gear and equipment for fights in order to make it more tactical/teamwork oriented rather than whoever has been playing the longest and thus consequently has the best gear in the game. This should, imo, be applied to all tournament events so as to not favor wealthy guilds who're able to supply their teams with the best equipment, and ultimately, giving them an unfair advantage.

3) Maybe the champions of the annual tournament receive an in-game guild title as well as player title for winning. Maybe an in game skin...Intrepid?

4) Tournament formats: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 5v5, and FFA? Could be PvP or even PvE...maybe guilds can capture powerful beasts and build the arena, with traps and monsters and buffs, etc. It could come in several modes: Timed I.e. (PvE; Indirect PvP), Survival (PvE; indirect PvP ): Who can survive the longest? After a set period of time, the spawn rate increases until a team becomes overwhelmed, Domination (PvP): Capture either point A, B, or C. Hold points until a certain score has been reached, Team Deathmatch (PvP); Basic group vs group combat in arena style format, Capture the Flag (PvP); Basic capture the flag format with opposing sides, Free For All (FFA; PvP): Players randomly spawn throughout a map -- kinda like For Honor's FFA maps.

5) Tournament mechanics/buffs: Since the foundation of AoC's combat is still being laid out, this portion is entirely theoretical and could prove to not be necessary. With that being said, here are a few ideas of mine that could improve combat should it be too lethargic; Add speed boosts, ability casting boosts, mobility skills that are unique to the arena to provide more versatile combat, nullifying potions that could potentially eliminate stun and done group dynamics, etc. This could all be tournament based so that way, instead of having to balance all 8 primary classes and secondary classes, the developers could add or take out certain buffs/skills added for the tournament in order to altar meta's from season to season.

Well, thats all I could come up with. Its getting late where I'm at so im gonna pass out. Please feel free to comment. Additional recommendations are always welcomes.

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    hello. i commented cause i thought this post needed some love since it was empty <3
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    I think you may have just got a forum badge for it! First comment. *huzzah*
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    What no tractor ummmm horse pull competition?
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