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A minor request regarding darker skin tone options!

Most games I've played so far have made one major mistake with darker skin tones—and it's that they make the palms of the hands and soles of the feet dark along with the rest of the skin. In truth, the palms of our feet and hands lack much in the way of melanin, which is why they end up lighter:

<img src="" alt="Woman showing her palm" />

I figure it will be <em>much</em> easier to tackle early on already having it in mind, so I thought I'd mention it. It's something I've only seen a few games get right (GW2, surprisingly, has this!). Since Ashes is intending to add a wide variety of customization with great-looking characters—I figure the information would be useful if it hasn't been though of already.



  • I just feel like the darker skintones always end up looking greyish in other games. I'd like them to be more vibrant in terms of color!
  • I want a skintone like in dark souls where I can be a metallic green skin and be silver surfers rejected brother.
  • if u make it possible to choose all skin tones from the rgb scale then it doesn't matter everyone can choose what he likes



    :D :D :D :D :D
  • [quote quote=6211]if u make it possible to choose all skin tones from the rgb scale then it doesn’t matter everyone can choose what he likes

    You mean ALL of them?
    Purple, bright neon yellow, weird tones of green and so on? On humans? I hope not, every species should retain a set rule of appearances, if they implement humans as a species I would like for them to closely resemble humans as they are.
    If you want extremly different colours then other races can have them, for example orks are always shown with colours rangnign from Brown/Black, to green and red so giving them these colours and some more would not seem weird, but seeing a human with a bright green skin colour would just seem like the missplaced that races name.

    To OP, would be good if they keept these kind of details in mind.
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