Week 11 Key Drawings

The winners of the week 11 key drawing have been released!
[RGC]Nivhawk – Alpha key
Frederik - A Duck – Alpha key
MrPuppy94(MrPopo) – Alpha key
<del datetime="2017-04-04T23:43:10+00:00">Grisu </del> Vintersol– Alpha key
Mofo – Beta and Mount

Congratulations on the keys guys and thank you for registering and participating in this community.

And to those who haven’t done it yet don’t forget to signup on the website so that you can be entered for the chance of a key next week! Also don’t forget to come join the official discord server for Ashes of Creation, and meet some fellow community members, and talk with community moderators and the Intrepid team.
<a href="http://discord.gg/ashesofcreation" target="_blank">http://discord.gg/ashesofcreation</a>
and if your not sure how the weekly drawings work check out this post <a href="https://www.ashesofcreation.com/forums/topic/information-regarding-weekly-key-drawings-2/" target="_blank">here </a>


  • I got the hand-me-down key. XD
  • Don't say it like that, it was just a confusion since I have a different name here than in the discord. You were clearly next on the radar, the decision was made fast.
    Congratz to everybody
  • Well done to the rewarded.
  • congratulations to everyone :-) hope we get to play all together
  • Grats to the lucky winners!
  • Congratulations! Enjoy the alpha as much as you can.
  • Yip enjoy the alpha for everyone who hasnt gotten lucky with a key
  • Congrats to the Winners and Good luck next time to the rest of us :D!
  • Congratulations to all the winners!! :-)
  • congo rats to all the winners!!!! keep up the great work, and helping folks... and of course, spread the word.... :D
  • grats :-) next week is my week ! haha
  • Congrats to winners :)
  • I just love how both Ducko and Doggo gets a key at the same time! :D

    Congratulations to y'all, well deserved!
  • Congrats I would love a key so i can make some more walpapers chears
  • HA I TOLD YA Ducky! And congrats to all ya winners!
  • Congrats to all the winners. MrPuppy slapped enough mods to earn himself a key XD
  • Awesome! I just heard about this game and the community! I'm so happy to be here! I cant wait to see AoC evolve through alpha and beta! The Art direction alone is A+! Keep up the good work! See you all in game one day soon!
  • Can i haz a key? :(
  • COngratz. I dont have key yet. LOL
  • Congrats all.
  • Konga Ratz to all the winners!
  • Grats people hope to snag one later looks like alot of fun
  • Just heard about Ashes of the Creation due to youtube. Not sure if we are not supposed to link or anything so I will just shout GameCross. I saw this game and was amazed at how sleek it looked during the actual gameplay segments and its only alpha/beta O.o. So I rushed on over and register right away. I want to get in there and try that combat and the node system sounds fantastic. Most modern day MMO's moved away from the open world pvp combat, due to the potential grief tactics and noob lynching lol, but I absolutely love it! As someone who likes final fantasy and archage. It seems like this is the perfect mesh. Hopeful for a key week 12!

    P.S. Congrats to all week 11 Winners! \o/
  • @Welcome Malakii!

    feel free to jump into the official discord (links in my signature) to learn more about the game and have any questions you might have answered!
  • congrats to you lucky guys!! :D
  • i´m really hopefull to win a alpha key
  • Congrats to all the winners! I hope you enjoy the game :)

    Could I be cheesy and wish for an alpha key because today's my 30th birthday? No really, I'm that old, hah.
    I'm so looking forward to Ashes. I saw in a comment from you guys on YouTube that some of your team are from SWG, EQ/EQII and Vanguard. My first MMO was SWG and thereafter EQII and Vanguard, and while WoW was, and still is, one of the best, it's just missing that... something. Something I think Ashes will bring with inspiration from those old school MMOs. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

    Oh and the alpha key does not give you the game right? You'd still have to buy the game, you're just allowed into the alpha? Nonetheless I would still like to support this project as it's an epic endeavour :)
  • Well done and congrats to all the winners!
  • Grats to all this weeks winners.

    @Vintersol, running up the wing in support,...ohh no, there's a fumble...he reaches, ...and YES, he scoops the dropped ball and runs it home for a try!

    Well done mate!
  • Congrats winners!

    Good luck for next week all.
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