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Buying the Hype?

I absolutely love what I am seeing and hearing about this game and the devs. I have been looking for a game I would make myself and his is as close as I have seen. I am an old school mmo player. pre wow and wow and many many more mmos. I am wondering if anyone else feels the hype and wants to be all in but yet worried that this will be just another let down.

I don't play wow anymore and currently play BDO ... I like it and was excited about it. Sadly it is an eastern mmo and I think this being a western will be what I am looking for.

what are your concerns?


  • I gotta say I am super hype about this game. The concept isn't the same cookie cutter crap we normally get, it's not an eastern rehash, it's sub based so it gets rid of p2w/p2progress cash shop. Huge amounts of freedom are built in to the game and a player interactions having lasting effects on the world are wonderful to see in a game.

    I buy the hype and I can see making this game home for a long, long time to come when it is finally released. I have don't know if I have ever wanted to back a game as much as I do this one.

    That being said, my biggest concern is balance. I want to see the class freedom stay and I've seen it before where they end up having to dumb down classes to achieve balance.

    From everything I've seen I have a lot of faith in the devs tho. They're heart is in the right place and that's something that has been missing from the market for a while.
  • 100% buying into the hype. As someone who is also playing black desert atm I've very much looking forward to anything that can pull me away from that game. Black Desert does a few things very well but it also does a few things very their dc/lag, the insane rng and the fact that even group content is basically just solo as there's almost zero group interaction. Everything I've read about this game sounds like it'll keep many of the good aspects of Black Desert with other things added and will vastly improve on the areas where Black Desert has failed

    my only concern when it comes to Ashes is if the Devs will actually be able to pull off their vision and if they can when it'll be playable
  • I agree balance is key
  • it does seem like a tall order. BDO has set the bar for crafting and all the none combat professions. From what I can tell the leaders of this game have a solid view on things and think the vision is great... just worried about the execution.. just like you.
  • I like some aspects of Black Deserts crafting and life skills but others are just annoying. I love that crafting takes effort and a plan, I hate how long it takes to melt 10,000+ iron ore. I love the idea of horse breeding, I hate the rng of tier, skills and also how long it takes to level a horse. The amount of time Black Desert requires you to spend afk in game is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen in a mmo and I'd bet is a large reason thier servers run so poorly. I've noticed theirs almost no lag for the first few hours after the servers come back online after a patch but as soon as people start afk fishing, horse leveling, and producing the lag is back. My hope for Ashes is a crafting system as complex as Black Desert but doesn't require you to spend 2 hours melting ore
  • My personal idea for crafting would be to have a crafting/gathering talent tree (separate from any combat talent tree)

    make technically possible to max everything but realistically due to the amount of time it would take to level everything players would be better off choosing to specialize in 1 or 2 things

    Make crafting high end items require mats from multiple professions to encourage guilds who want to be top tier to work together in order to make the highest level gear for their members

    Have crafting stations around the world players can use (for a fee) but allow guilds to make their own crafting stations that not only members could use for free but produce higher quality items and or use less mats to make items

    More then anything I hope this game focuses on player interactions and more specifically guilds working together, I'm sick of mmo's that forget about the second m in mmo, I want the game to reward guilds who work together in all aspects of the game be it crafting, gathering, questing, pvp, raids and so on.
  • When I mentioned BDO it was more about how I felt the game really separated itself from other mmos when it came to commerce.
    while i feel bdo did it better than most games i have played, i think AoC has the right idea with the exp thing.
  • Crafting in BDO was never hard or anything like that. It's a cancer system where you spend 99% of your time on your desktop for several hours a day. It's boring and probably the worst crafting system together with AA and RO. Crafting systems that are limited because of energy or anything similar are pure cancer.
  • [quote quote=6379]Crafting in BDO was never hard or anything like that. It’s a cancer system where you spend 99% of your time on your desktop for several hours a day. It’s boring and probably the worst crafting system together with AA and RO. Crafting systems that are limited because of energy or anything similar are pure cancer.


    I really hope that the developers here really AIM for more of a crafting system like SWG. Having Harvestors in SWG was a big help to limit your time gathering. Also different mats put together made different strengths of the item. I do think they need to cut down on the grind that SWG had for leveling your crafting BUT the macroing would let me macro the grind while I did something else while I was at the keyboard like watch a Hockey game lol

    With BDO I hated the combat. I couldnt last 30 minutes with the way the game played. I really hope Ashes does not play the same way.
  • Ashes is the last hope for the mmo genre to pull itself, uh...out of the ashes. 'Eastern mmos' do their thing and some people enjoy them and that's fine. Western mmos tend to be WoW clones, which is to say a single player experience crammed into an mmo. But a truly living, breathing, dynamic, interactive world? I don't really see anything besides Ashes that can pull this off. I hope they do. Steve and the boys have great aspirations and what they're shooting for seems like it will be epic. So hopefully they can pull the entire genre up out of the muck and return it to its former glory.

    No pressure though.
  • I just found this game. Took me 5 mins to read what it is about- Ooooh my... It just instantly hooked me. The game feels like a mix of best that MMOs offered untill today and all the new things, that was ignored, forgotten to be added. It is like a mix of past and future. You can really feel that they are learning from other game mistakes and not just remaking the same old thing, but reinventing everything from scratch. I am totally buying the hype and I don't see Devs failing me. From the videos and content they post, you can feel that they care and that this project is not just for us or for them to make money machine like the rest doo, it is a living thing that needs taking care of and they acknowledge it. I am really seeing this doing what MMOs have failed to do for too long. And if anything starts to go south and I would have the power to change it, there wouldn't be a second thought about it. My only concerns is that I am joining so late to this comunity and I missed the first months of dreaming about this game.
  • I'm super hyped for this game. The hard part is its still early on, we have a bunch of basics the devs have given us to get excited about. The ideas they've talked about for their game sound super cool and they are active in their own community which is always a good sign. For example I play tons of overwatch and the overwatch devs have been very good at responding to the major community criticisms creating a great game.

    As far as what they've talked about I'm super hyped for their more player driven world. Thats one of the things I've wished mmo's had more of. I want to feel a part of the world I'm playing in, feel like the things we do as a community impact the world we are playing in. The thing I hope for most is for the game world to fight back. The devs have said something about nodes encountering natural disasters adding on top of that feeling of being in a living fantasy world.

    Am I buying it? for now yes, while without an alpha there isn't a ton to go off of nothing I've seen so far has given me a reason NOT to and the videos we've seen have all been very solid. The mage looks like they have interesting mechanics and abilities plus the world actually looks explorable as apposed to open world MMOs where you have no reason to explore. I think the devs have a bunch of really good ideas I can't wait to see the game.
  • I'm very hyped about the potential game design, and I'm so very hoping that everything comes to fruition.

    I do share your concerns though. This isn't the first MMO to promise the world, and it won't be the last. So many of these MMO's with great ideas either simply don't make it to market or fail to deliver on their promises though. I'm really hoping that this one is everything it wants to be and more, but I've just been burned too many times.

    The one tangible concern I have is the activity on these forums. When I think back to other MMO's like Star Wars the Old Republic, Darkfall, Guild Wars, and even the in-development Crowfall; all of these games had/have very steady contributions from the community during the development phase. I have not seen that same level of activity so far on these forums. I'm hoping that's just a case of lack of marketing (which is it's own concern). I only found this game because I an article from was pushed to my phone due to my interest in MMO's. I haven't seen it really talked about in other game forums though.
  • [quote quote=6379]Crafting in BDO was never hard or anything like that. It’s a cancer system where you spend 99% of your time on your desktop for several hours a day. It’s boring and probably the worst crafting system together with AA and RO. Crafting systems that are limited because of energy or anything similar are pure cancer.


    I had completely forgotten about the whole limited energy thing in AA! I think it was there to help keep the economy balanced, but I unno if it really worked or not. I think there were potions and stuff you could drink that would give you a boost, and I remember that premium accounts were able to store more "labor" than free accounts. I was not a big fan of this system though.
  • I am in the same boat, waiting for that one game that makes me feel like I did with Everquest and Vanguard.

    Also I currently play BDO but it is a let cannot trade in that game and to me trading is in the top 5 things that make an MMO an MMO, otherwise it is a single player game with people standing around you...
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