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So many MMORPGs in development but Ashes of Creation is different?

There are many MMORPGs in development at the moment and some of them look good. And they say MMORPG genre is dead?

Here is a list of MMORPG games which I think they look good and has potential.

<strong>Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen |</strong> A big fantasy open world with many races and classes where you can explore every piece of it. You can pledge for the game on their site and gain access directly to alpha.
<a href="" target="_blank">Watch Alpha with the devs here.</a>

<strong>Crowfall |</strong> Is another example of different MMORPG, which has a unique style something that developers call "throne simulator". Its combines survival, political and strategy style of the games in the single game. It looks really promising and fresh.
<a href="" target="_blank">Watch alpha here.</a>

<strong>Albion Online |</strong> A promising MMORPG who was many years in development and it is almost finished and ready to launch on 17. July 2017. It has a lot of sandbox elements, cartoonish graphics, whole economy is running by real players. The game has buy2play model with an option of buying premium.
<a href="" target="_blank">Watch Albion Online here.</a>

<strong>Chronicles of Elyria |</strong> Is dynamic MMORPG where your character ages and eventually die. The game has destructible and living world and pretty strong community of people who support the game. Developers are really passionate about their project and they really want to make number one game. I think they can really be strong competitor to Ashes of Creation.
<a href="" target="_blank">Watch video of the game here.</a>

<strong>Dark and Light |</strong> Interesting MMORPG which has a big open world, where you can discover different biomes, join different factions, trade with other players or NPCs, gather materials and explore. The developers took approach of a more action game but still, it has almost every MMORPG piece in it.
<a href="" target="_blank">Watch video here.</a>

The last spark I discovered on the dark internet, where MMO games are drowning was Ashes of Creation. Man, this game looks really gorgeous and that mage spells, oww my it looks awesome and it is not even in alpha yet. Yes, I really like the game and cannot wait to support you guys through Kickstarter. But this is not all, last youtube video which developers showed us beats every game I talked about it before. I think the Nodes system really shines in every possible way. Dynamics of the game are really good and the whole environment can react to what you do. You cannot compare this to some Guild Wars 2 dynamics events because it really is much much more than that. Please <a href="" target="_blank">Watch a video here</a> if you did not and you will see what I am talking about. I think combining MMORPG with a little bit of strategy really shines and Steven with his Interpid Studios is changing the MMORPG in front of our eyes. Next few years are going to be fantastic for the genre I think. Just to help you a bit, please do not make us mighty heroes from the start of the game who must save/rebuild the world from something very terrible and do not forget about PvE players, because there are many of us.

Keep it up Interpid Studios and remember, you are changing the genre, do not waste this opportunity.

If you read all of it thank you for taking time.

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