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Hello everyone

Hello I signed up probably a long while ago completely forgot about it but I did though it was cool wondering if its going to be free to play or buy 2 play also not sure if my name has hit the weekly key draw yet so ill be joining discord aswell so see you there ill be MKnance or Endcycle ill have a hinata cosplayer as a display picture


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    Welcome and glad to have you back.
    No sorry but sadly your name hasn't been drawn yet, you can look through this document too see all the winners so far <a href="">here</a>.

    Also do check out <a href="">the community folders</a> - it's a list of all community created documents and they contain a lot of information you might've missed on your hiatus.

    I hope to see you on discord as well since that is where I'm mostly active :)

    Enjoy your stay
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