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Some technical questions

Hello All,

I am very interested in this game. Currently I am awaiting the release of Vega from AMD. I will be building a new rig shortly. Because I will spend upwards of $4000 on everything (incl. Monitor) I wanted to ask a few questions.

Will this game suport Ultrawide Monitors?
Will it support 4K?
How about 4k HDR?

Also, I typically shy away from "Sandbox" games as I get confused when I have too much freedom, will this be an issue in AoC?

Thank you for any insight that you may be able to provide.


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    Hi and welcome to the community.

    We don't know much about the technical side of ashes yet bug I was able to scrape some information out.

    "Will there be a large effort put into graphics optimization?"
    We will offer highly scalable options for users to adjust rendering particle effects etc.

    Other than that is yet to be released but I suspect we will get something when we get close to the first alpha phase around Q4 of 2017.
    And about the "Sandbox" you can always set goals for yourself; every single node will have a story to tell but you can always settle down and focus everything on one node if you feel like the story of your character is too open.
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    [quote quote=6356]Will this game suport Ultrawide Monitors?
    Will it support 4K?
    How about 4k HDR?[/quote]

    1) My bet is <strong>yes</strong>, by the time this game will be released, UW monitors will be current amongst gamers.
    2) A <strong>yes</strong> also, 4K seems to penetrating through, however 1920*1080 classic HD will be the main thing in the next 5 years at least.
    3) I would say <strong>no</strong>, but who knows how many $ they will be able to get from Kickstarter. Specific things like this are on the end of their development priority list by my understanding.

    I guess you have to make friendship with the freedom thing. One way to interpret it, is that you have the freedom not to participate in any world / node events, or you can strictly focus to crafting, breeding, etc.
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    Thanks for your reply's guys.
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