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Greetings from the Shadowed Plain

Hi gang,

Just posting a quick hello to all. My occasional perusal of led me here. As an old-timer, dating back to pre-EQ1 (if anyone remembers Legends of Drakkar, hands up!) I'm always keeping an eye out for new advances in intelligent gaming. From watching the video on nodes, my interest is piqued and I'm looking forward to learning more as things develop.


-Grimble the Grey


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    Welcome ancient one!

    I highly recommend, that you join Discord:, that is where the most updated info flow.

    Also, check the dev Q&A if you have not done so yet:

    I guess you are interested in the weekly key draws, where you get the chance to win a key to alpha & beta tests:

    If you don't have a guild yet, you can search one here:

    Of course I can recommend the free life of a mercenary.
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    Welcome Grimble the Grey.
    I can see that Rivara has already suggested some good links to check out but I think he missed one, the oasis, the link above them all - <a href="">The community folders</a> - its a compiled list of a lot of community documents.

    I hope to see you hanging around and see you on discord since it is where I'm mostly active.

    Enjoy the community
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    Thanks RIvara and Freddy. The info is much appreciated and look forward to getting to know you and others in the community.

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