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Races and special traits~

Hey there, i dont know if this question or suggestion has been made but it would be nice to have different race traits.

It seems reasonable for me that races could have strenghts and weaknesses, what do you guys and girls think about that?

Regards, Khyo.


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    I'm sure this is taken into consideration already by the devs. As far as I get familiar with this game, they are trying to get the max out from an MMO/RPG genre.
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    So far from what ive heard is that the game has a slight basis towards DnD in terms of races and classes. If this is so perhaps we will have race and class traits similar to the books such a half-lings being slightly more evasive and sneaky and orcs having naturally higher health pools by a slight margin.
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    That is really nice to hear ^^
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    there is supposed to be 3 or 4 portals that you start the game from and each portal will have 2 races.
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