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Back With More Proposals

So I've been thinking a lot lately about this game, and the fact idea and the premise of the whole thing is so new to this genre tends to be a little bit scary, and let's face it there is a huge possibility that it might go down in flames.
So I really would like to encourage the Devs to look at other games philosophically and psychologically and take the best of every game out there and just implement these ideas to... let's say "better polish" this game.
The games that I encourage you to look at are the following (you're of course free to add to that and expand on this idea this is just something I thought about on the fly):

1) Guild Wars 2: the thing you need to look at here is the interactive fast paced combat system with customizable settings to each "build" one would like to run. Also the complexity yet simplicity of their crafting system can be very inspiring for such game.

2) Black Desert Online: now I know it's a really new game in its infantile stage still, BUT! their region system and they way they work things out generally is as an idea very beautiful and should be taken into consideration.

Of course I don't only encourage you to look at the pros of other games, but also to take a look at their cons, and try to see how they did X thing wrong and if you would like to put a similar thing into your game how would you NOT repeat that same mistake.
Again I repeat, take a look at them philosophically and psychologically in a way that helps you learn.
i.e: don't repeat Arenanet's mistake by not optimizing the game well enough... etc


  • 1st you really should continue this in your previous "proposal"-thread in order not to flood the design discussions.

    How I've understood, the Intrepid crew doesn't want to copy some MMO's out there but make an original game that would somehow break the mold in modern MMO consept. As they said it's going to be a game "made for gamers by gamers", the team has lots of experience over previous MMO's and gaming industry plus the way they keep things as transparent as possible via discord which I have never seen in any previous MMO development phase. So I trust they know what will fit their game the best.

    What comes to the game going "down in flames" is that the risk is always there but it will be diminished if the devs actually make a good game and not focus on the money grabbing features.
  • To be honest I have not played GW2 for a long time, but if it is still like it was in the beginning then I'm hoping for so much more.
    Personally I would hope for something that has a system similiar then FFXIV but with close to zero rng and more meaning to the different crafting skills that will allow us to individualise the same base weapon/armor/tool into different end products.
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