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The ultimate goal? Alpha/Beta - any word when it's happening?

Hey, first of all I discovered Ashes of Creation today and it really looks interesting. After playing and quitting so many MMOs (with WoW being the main one) I'm looking for a new MMO that will pin my interest.

I'm just wondering tho, what's the main goal in this game? Because most of sandbox MMOs are great but after a while they become dull and repetitive.

So what is the main goal in this game? I've read that there's going to be dungeons but are they going to be the main focus of character progression? How will we obtain the best gear in game - from dungeons, world bosses or from crafting? Because I would love play a new MMO with rich character and gear progression.

And regarding Alpha/Beta of this game - has there been any word when we can expect Alpha or Beta of this game? Or devs didn't say anything yet?


  • Welcome!

    - In regards to the goal of the game, we only know the different features it will have. Let me know if you have any questions about those.

    - The first alpha will start around Q4 of 2017, and we are not sure when the beta begins, but I would expect it to be a year after.
  • We can expect betas in 2018 and 2019 and release date in 2020 maybe 2019 Q4 if everything goes as planned? But developers don't need to be fast, I hope they will take time and develop one of the best MMOs. We as future of the game must be patient and help them.

    About MMOs, I think at some point every game becomes repetitive even if you like it very much, but that does not mean it is dull. There is going to be dungeons and raids and I think for PvE players this is it. Game itself will have a lot of PvP too and the node system which is really cool.

    You can read something about game <a href="" target="_blank">here.</a>
  • [quote quote=6595]I’m just wondering tho, what’s the main goal in this game?[/quote]

    The goal of the game is to make MMO's great again. Everyone here in this forum, and in the <a href="">Discord</a> are shit and tired of the various p2w craps and global scams like Star Citizen out there. These games promise salvation, everlasting gameplay, but the 10 year support plan turns out to be 3 (like Destiny).
  • Same here quit so many MMO's over the years. Started off in EQ1 in 1999 but after 6 years that became the grind of all grinds. Hours of sitting there doing the same old thing watching the XP bar wondering if it will ever move. Moved on to other games after that but hit same problem again. LOTRO had it about right before they made it too easy now its no challenge at all.

    I've tried PvP in a few games, mostly I couldn't stand the griefing so I will be interested to see how they cope with that problem in this game. LOTRO had its problems. They kept nerfing classes in PvE because they were too powerful in PvP so it had a massive knock on effects even if you didn't PvP. I wonder how they will balance the classes here so that some don't dominate.

    Talking of classes, in every game I see classes that are a must and others that are so optional they often get left out. I'd like to see how the devs deal with this issue.

    I love raids but not ones that require the players to wade through a lake of pointless trash mobs. I like clever raids not just a DPS fest like EQ2. Plane of Time was awesome in EQ1, The Rift in LOTRO. I like raids that allow you to do part of it one night and finish it another so that you don't have to do a 6 hour raid all in one go.

    I'd like to see a balance between risk and reward, not just time spent but real skill.
    I'd also like to see how the devs deal with death, corpse recovery and XP loss/debt/amour damage etc. Death has to mean something.

    I hope to get onto Beta. So far my list is Everquest 2, Vanguard, D&D, Final Fantasy, LOTRO, Elder Scrolls.
    I was looking forward to Everquest Next but that died a death :(
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