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Ashes V AoC

Can we sort out the nomenclature? :D

Ashes or AoC...

AoC has providence and will undoubtedly lead to confusion with Fun Com's earlier title which has a just claim over the three letter acronym in gaming circles purely by being "first". Unless you want to count Empire Earth: Art of Creation (which was an expansion pack in any case) .

Ashes is

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Which, until now, I'd never heard of... so what do we get to call Ashes of Creation?

AC is usually Asheron's Call, or maybe something else to other people idk... Air conditioning?

I think Ashes works nicely as a short form.


  • I like Ashes also. Less confusion, easier to say.
  • Ashes, definitely Ashes. AoC is also Age of Conan and a quality gaming monitor brand(accepting sponsorships btw AOC if you wanna get on that)
  • I also vote Ashes as AoC to me just rings Age of Conan lol
  • I would prefer Ashes myself. I saw some people using AoC and figured that was what the nomenclature was going to be. However, when I saw AoC--Age of Conan--was what came to mind. That being the case, I a fairly certain that the Devs would prefer not to have their product thought of in that vein.
  • Im going to say its AoC, due to most people referring to it that way even referred it to being AoC.
  • I vote for Ashes given the reasons stated above. The devs just need to claim it when doing interviews and stuff
  • Ashes sounds way better!
  • Ashes sounds better and it's even related to what the creator tries to accomplish. "From the Ashes reborn".....pointing at the whole mmorpg genre....
  • OMG!!!!! I don't remember that I readed AoC..

    Now I created a community...
  • I will probably use 'Creation'
  • +1 for Ashes for reason already posted above
  • The devs said they prefer Ashes.
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    AoCr would be unique but i don't think it sounds so fancy. ACre maybe for land owner fans? ;)

    I'd personally vote on Ashes. Sounds the nicest.
  • Steven himself has mentioned they are leaning more toward calling it Ashes (and have for several months now). Ashes is normally used by those on the Discord as well. It's rarely called AoC unless the person is new to the scene.
  • ArchivedUserArchivedUser Guest
    edited June 2017
    I like its it rhymes with Nagashs ^^
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    edited June 2017
    I flip between the use of Ashes and AoC very often as well. I personally prefer Ashes.

    I would also like to discuss the abbreviation of "Versus".

    Should we use "V" or "Vs."? I'm a big fan of Vs.  
  • Where is the poll we need a poll xD I say both xD i will go with most favourable vote xD
  • I was going to suggest AsC but I think that's an Italian Restaurant Chain....I'll go with Ashes.
  • Ashes sounds fine indeed!

    Though, this subject was brought up, before, by a previous poster.  The nomenclature they proposed, to avoid confusion, was "AoCr", which I like very much, as well.
  • I could live with AoCr...
  • I agree with spreading Ashes as the diminutive. The devs can definitely refer to it as that or whatever they want, but the community often has the most power with things like memes and nomenclature.
  • Ashes or AoC or AoCr is fine by me. I would recognize either abbreviations when discussing content related to Ashes. I knew about Age of Conan before I did Ashes, but if I'm on ashes forum/discord/reddit, I'm not going to mistaken AoC for Age of Conan. It just doesn't fit the context.
  • Looks good but it's not fat finger friendly with all the +shift work.
  • Ashes works for me.
  • I like Ashes the best, yet I still use AoC. No idea why... I just got used to it I guess.
  • Definitly Ashes 
  • Vanilia said:
    I will probably use 'Creation'

    It sounds slightly odd, but yes "Creation" does set it apart from others with similar names indeed.
  • There is another game that I have heard often referred to as AoC, which is why I am for ashes over AoC
  • Wow how did you guys even find this post lol GG
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