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A Gods Impact - thoughts and theories

In ashes gods are real and seem like they will be a huge part of the game as we progress through the game, build nodes and discover religions.

So my question is what do you think gods themselves will do? Or what do you think their function will be?

I'm hoping gods will be able to come down and influence the world in different ways. For example assuming there is some sort of chaotic god him controlling waves of monsters to attack nodes and possibly destroy/de-level them.


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    It would be nice if the gods can affect weather and make extreme conditions this are so-called <strong>bad gods</strong>. But on the other side, there are <strong>good gods</strong> who can help you with weather and can make you crops, trees or animals grow larger and faster. This can happen randomly in the world anytime but it is not very common.
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    To add to this, what about a demi-god system. Players that complete a special quest that only became available to someone who reached the right amount of special stuff in a religion?
    They could gain special armor/weapons and stats that raise them to a demi-god status. They will obtain a list of do's and don'ts and if they break it then they lose their demi-god status :D
    Like say this righteous player who protects others enough earns enough of his religions blessing.. (idk) and he gets a quest that appears as he goes by a shrine run day. The shrine speaks to him saying "Young warrior of bravery, a heroic task awaits you." Then bam next thing you know he's tasked with slaying a dragon that just spawned using a sword given to him by the voice speaking through the statue. For him to complete the quest he has to land the final blow on the dragon, when he completes it all of his stats permanently raise.
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    I imagine each race will have its own pantheon of deities. Perhaps even some deities will stretch across racial divides. As typically happens I imagine these deities will also encompass certain domains such as the patron head god of the Orcish pantheon may embody the domains of "strength, bravery, loyalty, and war".

    I'd like it if gods interacted with player characters but not until perhaps super late game or high level and even then very rarely. The idea of deities only being drawn to powerful and interesting mortals is one I enjoy. So I'd like for there to be a deity interaction but very rarely and only for those who would have attracted their interest through great feats over time.
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    I think the presence of actual tangible gods in the game opens up some interesting mechanics and immersion points that could be explored.

    I'm the same area as gods controlling whipping up storms, and waves of monsters, it could be used as a tangible mechanic for certain things such as gathering.

    Imagine if instead of the usual, "gathering resource is depleted and it just reappears somewhere else", they could have it where a certain god actually appears and adds that resource back to the world. Picture you're randomly walking, exploring the world and during night time you see a strange glow off in the far far distance. You go towards it and you see one of these great deities moving around putting the resources back into the ground. Mythril deposits being formed in front of your own eyes.

    Now this may not be something realistic to see in game, but I think it would add something wonderful. One, a rare look into the world being shaped by these all powerful beings, and two, an actual explanation to how these resources become to be as opposed to "it just fades into existence for no reason".

    This is just one example but could be applied to all sorts of aspects of the game, and provide a reason for random mobs, great creatures that attack nodes, and like I said resources.
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